Word to my Mother

May 8, 2011 in General

Dear Mom,

I’ve been killing my brain trying to think of a present that is good enough to give you for Mother’s Day and I can’t think of anything. Kitchen stuff, house stuff, clothes, jewellery, dad can give you those things lols. But in all seriousness I really don’t know what to get you because you’re too awesome. I forgot to tell you, today I was having flashbacks of stuff that happened ages ago.

I remember when I was little, I was playing with my cousins and I fell over grazing both my elbows, knees and my face. You heard me cry and you rushed outside to see what was happening. You were so angry when you saw me tied to that plank of wood because I was pretending to be Jesus. Yes you were right, I was a little shit. But it wasn’t the angry you that I remember clearly. What I remember from that day was you cleaning up my wounds, wiping my tears away and patching me up so I could go play again.

And I remember when we were going to follow dad to Africa. You were leaving everything you knew and had behind you to support your husband and build a better life for our family. We were stopped over at some crappy airport and my little sister wouldn’t stop crying. I was 7 and I remember seeing how scared and stressed out you were. You just held on to us and told us we’ll be okay reassuring us, and I think you were reassuring yourself in the process.

There was also that time that I got my heart broken for the very first time. That was also the time I came out to you. You and I never spoke about my sexuality back then and she was always just referred to by name or my “friend”. When my heart broke, although you didn’t yet understand it, you were there to help me through my first heartbreak. You’ve been there through all the others ever since.

Coming from such a strict and religious background, you found it hard to accept my sexuality. You couldn’t understand it and because of how you grew up, you felt that it was wrong for me to love someone of the same gender. But I remember the day I knew you were trying your hardest to understand it. You asked me if I thought a girl walking past was pretty. Although that was slightly awkward, it was a step forward. Now you accept me for who I am. Remember the other day when you asked me if I was “going out with that girls” in your fobby accent? I asked you which one and your response was “the prettiest one.”

You’re the awesomest mom in the world. You gave up so much to give our family the best. You taught me to have respect for everyone and everything. You taught me to fight through the tough times and if I fell, you were always there to help me back up. Every time I did something stupid or bad you’d be disappointed but you would always be there to set me straight…well not straight like that, I mean straight like, you know what I mean. You bring me chicken soup when I’m sick. I’m not that 7 year old girl anymore but you’re still always there to patch me up, physically (when I ripped my knee open being gumby) and emotionally. You are so amazing and nothing in this world can be a good enough present for you…even though I know you’ll have a list of presents that you’d say would be good enough written down by now. I’m a momma’s girl and I can admit that. How can I not be when I have the coolest mom ever! I guess this letter is to show my appreciation, publicly, although this doesn’t even begin to describe your awesomeness. I love you Mom. Happy Mother’s Day.

Your token lesbian daughter,


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