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NZ Falcons muster 2015 at Okahu Bay

14 March 2015

It was fabulous and sunny for the NZ Falcons gay rugby team annual muster day at Okahu Bay, Auckland.
As well as relaxing over a BBQ, some of the lads got to play some cricket, volleyball, swimming in the
sea to cool off and later across the road for some Touch Rugby. Photos supplied by Andrea.

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NZ_Falcons_Muster 2015-01.JPG
NZ_Falcons_Muster 2015-01
NZ_Falcons_Muster 2015-02.JPG
NZ_Falcons_Muster 2015-02
NZ_Falcons_Muster 2015-03.JPG
NZ_Falcons_Muster 2015-03
NZ_Falcons_Muster 2015-04.JPG
NZ_Falcons_Muster 2015-04
NZ_Falcons_Muster 2015-05.JPG
NZ_Falcons_Muster 2015-05
NZ_Falcons_Muster 2015-06.JPG
NZ_Falcons_Muster 2015-06
NZ_Falcons_Muster 2015-07.JPG
NZ_Falcons_Muster 2015-07
NZ_Falcons_Muster 2015-08.JPG
NZ_Falcons_Muster 2015-08
NZ_Falcons_Muster 2015-09.JPG
NZ_Falcons_Muster 2015-09
NZ_Falcons_Muster 2015-10.JPG
NZ_Falcons_Muster 2015-10
NZ_Falcons_Muster 2015-11.JPG
NZ_Falcons_Muster 2015-11
NZ_Falcons_Muster 2015-12.JPG
NZ_Falcons_Muster 2015-12
NZ_Falcons_Muster 2015-13.JPG
NZ_Falcons_Muster 2015-13
NZ_Falcons_Muster 2015-14.JPG
NZ_Falcons_Muster 2015-14
NZ_Falcons_Muster 2015-15.JPG
NZ_Falcons_Muster 2015-15
NZ_Falcons_Muster 2015-16.JPG
NZ_Falcons_Muster 2015-16
NZ_Falcons_Muster 2015-17.JPG
NZ_Falcons_Muster 2015-17
NZ_Falcons_Muster 2015-18.JPG
NZ_Falcons_Muster 2015-18
NZ_Falcons_Muster 2015-19.JPG
NZ_Falcons_Muster 2015-19
NZ_Falcons_Muster 2015-20.JPG
NZ_Falcons_Muster 2015-20
NZ_Falcons_Muster 2015-21.JPG
NZ_Falcons_Muster 2015-21
NZ_Falcons_Muster 2015-22.JPG
NZ_Falcons_Muster 2015-22
NZ_Falcons_Muster 2015-23.JPG
NZ_Falcons_Muster 2015-23
NZ_Falcons_Muster 2015-24.JPG
NZ_Falcons_Muster 2015-24
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