More Lizardry With David Icke

December 20, 2014 in General

Fortunately, most New Zealanders probably haven’t heard of peculiar British conspiracy theorist David Icke, although his particular unintentional comedy routine is certainly (…) “unique” (…). Or so says James Ward in a recent issue of the British Humanist Association’s New Humanist. 

Like most conspiracy theorists, Icke goes overboard. He wants us to believe that all the prominent individuals named in his ruminations are somehow choreographed within a massive networked conga lina. Oh, and he believes that the world is dominated by alien reptiles from another dimension. In fact, the House of Windsor are members of the aforementioned alien reptiloid species. Yes, I know one can plausibly believe that by looking at Prince Philip these days, but that’s not the point. It all sounds somewhat reminiscent of the otherwise celebrated SF author Phillip K. Dick, before he had his schizoid “religious experience” in February 1974 and couldn’t stop obsessing about it until his sadly premature death in 1982.   Like Dick’s Valis (1982),  Icke claims that the world is a giant holographic projection and causality doesn’t really exist. Orthodox humanity does because we are captives of the Aforementioned Evil Race of Extradimensional Aliens who keep us confined in Everyday Reality due to a “hexagonal storm” on Saturn and our “hollow” moon. And his presentations are ten hours in duration, so this is undoubtedly a case of boredom bombing.  After several hours of this bizarre comedy routine, your mind snaps and you become converted, evidently.


James Ward: “Mocked Prophet: What is David Icke’s Appeal?” New Humanist: December 2014: 30-31: appeal


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