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Saturday 11 April 2015

 Pride in Defence: Barry Taylor
Posted in: Living Well  6th December 2013
Australian National LGBTI Health Alliance (MindOUT!) Senior Project Officer Barry Taylor spoke with journalist John MacDonald on affirming diversity for positive mental health.

 Editorial: Corporal Dougie Hughes' legacy?
Posted in: Living Well, Features  11th March 2013
The Solicitor General must correct the on-going damage caused by a homophobic coroner and a cowardly military, to create Dougie Hughes' true legacy.

 Busting down barriers
Posted in: Living Well, Features  2nd October 2012
Two Aucklanders are paving the way for a change in mental health and addiction services, in an effort to make them much friendlier the many from our communities who need their help.

 It's just not healthy
Posted in: Living Well, Politics and Religion, Features  7th September 2012
"I personally believe that no matter how long your heart beats for, hate is the one thing that shortens your life the most," writes Chaz Harris.

 The health of younger lesbians
Posted in: Living Well  20th June 2012
A researcher is looking for lesbians aged 18-24 to take part in a study about health and wellbeing, hoping to address a gap in understanding and contribute to policy to meet their needs.

Posted in: Living Well, Features  6th February 2012's favourite cartoonist Sam Orchard has created a cartoon strip explaining why he's taking part in FebFast, which is raisng money for four groups, including Rainbow Youth.

 Andy's FebFast Diary: Day 1
Posted in: Living Well, Features  1st February 2012
Andrew is taking the challenge to ditch red wine for a month in order to raise money for Rainbow Youth. How is the first day going? Find out in his video diary here!

 WINZ and HIV: lessons from the UK
Posted in: Health & HIV, Blogger Zone, Living Well  5th January 2012
As the NZ government moves to move sickness beneficiaries into the workplace the UK's recent experience may make us uneasy.

 Breaking free of a double life
Posted in: Blogger Zone, Living Well, Features  8th August 2011
One of the NZAF's best kept secrets is its free counselling service for gay and bi men, as blogger Bipolar Bear explains.

 Health: Risk, Choice and Young Lesbians
Posted in: Living Well, Features  14th June 2011
AUT doctoral student Katie Palmer is working on her thesis on lesbian health issues at their School of Health Practice. Read a summary of some of her key findings so far.

 Time to look after ourselves
Posted in: Blogger Zone, Living Well, Features  2nd June 2011
Maori, Pacific peoples, and women all had to fight for recognition within the system and form their own health organisations to ensure their needs are met. So where’s ours?

 For all the good girls and bois
Posted in: Living Well  4th February 2011
"If you are inhabitant of a woman's body but seeking a more masculine or bulky physical appearance there are some tricks of the trade that you can enlist to give you an added advantage in the gaining muscle department," writes fitness guru Julz Darroch.

 How I Lost my Virginity (For the Second Time)
Posted in: Blogger Zone, Living Well  19th January 2011
"Sometimes I hear newly diagnosed HIV+ guys say they’ll never have sex again. They feel dirty. They fear passing the virus on to another, which is all pretty understandable."

 A letter from the Mental Health Foundation
Posted in: Living Well, Features  21st September 2010
Mental Health Foundation Chief Executive Judi Clements has written a letter in response to concerns about gay men's mental health raised in Michael Stevens' hard-hitting blog Can We Talk?

Posted in: Living Well, Features  19th September 2010
"Are you one of those people who think that if we were supposed to run they’d serve cocktails in sipper bottles? (mmm, not a bad idea actually) but really would like to start increasing your fitness or decreasing your fatness?"