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Saturday 11 April 2015

 Meet: Mr Gay Wellington 2015 Bernard Lee
Posted in: Hall of Fame  8th April 2015
New Mr Gay Wellington Bernard Lee is a 28-year-old who grew up in Borneo. He tells about coming out to his mum, and what winning the title means to someone who is generally a bit of an introvert.

 "Your name wasn't approved"
Posted in: True Stories  4th April 2015
Bearded lady Laquisha Redfern has her Facebook account back after being locked out! She wrote about why her drag name is so important.

 Check out: Mr Gay World 2015 competitors
Posted in: People  31st March 2015
Men from around the world have been chosen to represent their nations at this year's Mr Gay World in South Africa.

 Raising cash for top surgery: every dollar helps
Posted in: True Stories  13th March 2015
Rather than wait around and hope for surgery under the public system, a trans Aucklander is working tirelessly to save as much as he can, and appealing to others to chip and help him out.

 Meet: Mr Gay NZ 2015 Matt Fistonich
Posted in: Hall of Fame  5th March 2015
The 2015 Mr Gay New Zealand Matt Fistonich is a former RNZAF fire fighter and 'average Kiwi bloke' from Waitakere who wants to bring the Mr Gay World title back to New Zealand again.

 Miss Drag Pride: Dakota Vegas
Posted in: Hall of Fame  2nd March 2015
Dakota Vegas has won the tough Miss Drag Pride competition at Auckland's Family Bar. She tells us how she started out, wanting to bring something different to the NZ drag scene.

 Rudo & Joydah's Piha Ceremony
Posted in: Weddings & Civil Unions  1st March 2015
Rudo and Joydah married in Piha in a ceremony which reflected their openness, creativeness, culture differences.

 Robin Duff: in his own words
Posted in: Community  16th February 2015
Robin Duff is being mourned by many – quite simply because he touched so many lives. He discusses his life, work and the changes he lived through and fought for in an extensive interview with

 Meet: Mr Urge Bear NZ 2015 Mark Fisher
Posted in: Hall of Fame  14th February 2015
Body Positive boss Mark Fisher is the new Mr Urge Bear NZ. He tells us about his life, love, and his greatest wish: a cure for HIV.

 NZ Writing: Hate by Diane Sparkes
Posted in: NZ Writing  9th February 2015
After being bullied, harassed and verbally assaulted by a young man who decided she was a ‘transvestite’ Diane sat down in tears to record on paper the trauma she had experienced.

 "I've known for ages and it doesn't worry me"
Posted in: True Stories  6th February 2015
It can be so hard to come out to your parents – but sometimes they say ‘I already knew’ and ‘I love you, no big deal’. This is what Sean’s dad did, in a moment he's sharing with readers.

 Pieces of a magical puzzle
Posted in: True Stories  14th January 2015
From the recollections and experiences of some of those who knew him, we piece together a glimpse of the complex picture that was Warwick Broadhead's life and being.

 From Instagram To Insta-Love
Posted in: Hall of Fame  13th January 2015
Blake Skjellerup and Saul Carrasćo share their love story for a modern age in Out magazine, and it's completely adorable.

 NZ Writing: Same Sex
Posted in: NZ Writing  12th January 2015
A poem Katerina N Clark says was inspired by "stories and struggles and how easy it is to judge someone just by what they look like".

 Tributes to Warwick Broadhead
Posted in: Hall of Fame  10th January 2015
Matchless gay performer Warwick Broadhead has died at his home on Waiheke Island. Tributes have been swift and heartfelt.