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Saturday 11 April 2015

 Robin Duff: in his own words
Posted in: Community  16th February 2015
Robin Duff is being mourned by many – quite simply because he touched so many lives. He discusses his life, work and the changes he lived through and fought for in an extensive interview with

 Editorial: Another milestone towards glbti equality
Posted in: Community  8th December 2014
History was made at the High Court in Auckland on Friday, and in the Beehive a couple of months ago, with two openly gay men in hither-to unthinkable official public roles.

 Mr Gay NZ: Why I quit Mr Gay World
Posted in: Community  23rd September 2014
In an exclusive interview Mr Gay NZ counters allegations levelled at him by the organisers of the Mr Gay World contest.

 A few words before moving on: Jason Myers
Posted in: Community, Health & HIV  11th June 2014
As Jason Myers leaves the NZAF, he muses on the concept of community, and issues a firm challenge.

 Chris Olwage responds
Posted in: Community  19th November 2013
Mr Gay World Chris Olwage responds to a reader's critical letter: "I feel that maybe I have been misinterpreted somewhat. Please allow me the chance to clarify a few points."

 A reflection on Love Life Fono 5
Posted in: Community  31st October 2013
In the weekend I was extremely honoured to attend (my very first) Love Life Fono ... I couldn't have imagined a better way to spend my Labour Weekend.

 Daniel Fielding's photos - Can you help?
Posted in: Community, People  11th September 2013
When Wellingtonian Daniel Fielding died in 2005 he left behind a treasure trove of photos taken at private and public events, but very little detail about the images.

 Peter & Vera: Caught on camera
Posted in: Community  9th September 2013
As Peter Taylor halts all medical treatment for HIV and leishmaniasis, and settles back to await the inevitable end, here are video glimpses of Pete and his alternative drag alter-ego in better days.

 Meet Rainbow Youth's new General Manager
Posted in: Community  7th September 2013
Duncan Matthews, the newly-appointed General Manager of Rainbow Youth aims to make a difference to the organisation and to the gay community.

 Remembering Phillip Cottrell
Posted in: Community  20th December 2012
Friends and family members have blessed a bench in memory of slain gay Wellington man Phillip Cottrell, who lived by the mantra: "It's nice to be nice."

 "Please respect Julianne's gender identity"
Posted in: Our Communities, Community  16th November 2012
Trans advocacy group Agender NZ has written an open letter to the friends, family and colleagues of the late trans pilot Julianne Kramer.

 Gay Ski Week is ready to roll
Posted in: Community, Events  25th August 2012
It's the opening day of the inaugural Gay Ski Week QT and organisers Sally and Mandy Whitewoods have had a pretty calm build up to today's launch.

 GayOk! hits Hawke's Bay
Posted in: Community  20th August 2012
We’re told Hawke’s Bay is a pretty tough place to be a young gay, lesbian, bi or trans young person. Thankfully a new group has sprung up to support queer teenagers and young adults in the region.

 Editorial: The sad conflict over Carmen's legacy
Posted in: Community  29th March 2012
Punch and counter-punch, allegations and denials, personalities and factions, agendas and anger... all are playing out in the wake of Carmen Rupe's death.

 RIP: Harold Robinson, gay legend
Posted in: New Zealand Daily News, Community  9th March 2012
Harold Robinson, Covent Garden dancer, Freda Stark's husband, entertainer and irrepressible gay party boy died this afternoon, aged 93.