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Saturday 11 April 2015

Marriage equality report: the nuts and bolts

Posted in: Features
By Jacqui Stanford - 27th February 2013

The Government Administration Select Committee has recommended that a bill allowing gay couples to marry be passed into law.

Here are the key points from its report:

  • The majority of the committee believes marriage is a human right and it’s unacceptable for the state to deny it to same-sex couples.
  • Some (unspecified) members of the committee believe civil unions are enough.
  • The Bill should not impact on people’s religious freedoms – and no church ministers will have to marry gay people under changes to it.
  • Transgender people would no longer have to get divorced or switch to a civil union to remain married when they officially change their sex.

  • The words "husband and wife" will be replaced with "married couple" or "spouses" in various pieces of law.
  • The current adoption law “seems absurd” and amendments to the Bill will ensure married couples are eligible to adopt, regardless of their gender.
  • The passion of submitters was palpable.
  • The Committee is heartened at the younger generation’s heartfelt involvement on both sides of the debate.

By the numbers

21,533 Submissions received
18,898 Replicated similar content (eg: generic submissions)
10,487 Supported the Bill
8,148 Opposed the Bill
220 Submissions were heard

Jacqui Stanford - 27th February 2013

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