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Saturday 11 April 2015

 HIV antibody trial has a breakthrough
Posted in: International News, HIV  9th April 2015
A new HIV treatment using a synthetic antibody has led to a 300-fold reduction in patients’ viral loads in trials.

 Trans and intersex healthcare: urgent attention needed
Posted in: Health & HIV, Features  1st April 2015
“Currently in Aotearoa we are at a point of greatest need,” Auckland counsellor and advocate Tom Hamilton has told MPs on Parliament's Health Select Committee.

 Condoms optional: Promoting the PrEP philosophy
Posted in: Safe Sex, Features  14th March 2015
Despite NZ's proven success with condoms for controlling the HIV epidemic a controversial visiting porn actor believes pills and trust should be the prevention tools of our future.

 HIV and the law: When sex is a crime
Posted in: HIV, Features  12th March 2015
Most cases of HIV infection in New Zealand could have wound up in court under current laws. It's time for our legal system to clarify and refine this situation says Mark Fisher.

 Celebrating 30 years of the NZAF
Posted in: Health & HIV  4th March 2015
"I have been privileged to play only a small part in this journey; some of you have been around from the beginning when the gay community responded to the AIDS crisis. We pass the baton between us in what is a marathon, not a sprint."

 Survivors of 80s AIDS crisis share stories
Posted in: Health & HIV  6th February 2015
From the role of lesbians to the vanishing of whole neighborhoods, real LGBTI people share their experiences.

 A thank you from Jonathan Smith
Posted in: Our Communities, Health & HIV  2nd February 2015
At a New Zealand AIDS Foundation event celebrating Jonathan Smith, the New Zealand Order of Merit recipient offered plenty of thanks of his own. We share his speech.

 Matt Bomer's Globes acceptance speech
Posted in: Movies, Health & HIV  13th January 2015
In gay actor Matt Bomer’s Golden Globes acceptance speech he stated "we love you, we remember you" to those lost to HIV/AIDS.

 The biggest HIV/AIDS research breakthroughs of 2014
Posted in: Health & HIV  20th December 2014
The Huff Post rounds up a list of the most exciting HIV and AIDS findings of 2014.

 The NZAF's Christmas message
Posted in: Health & HIV, Features  19th December 2014
New Zealand AIDS Foundation Executive Director Shaun Robinson says while 2014 has been a big year for the organisation, continued vigilance in the prevention of HIV and STIs is needed.

 Decades of making a difference - Pt3
Posted in: Our Communities, HIV  3rd December 2014
In an era when most HIV positive people still hide from discrimination, Bruce Kilmister has had to be one of the most public faces of HIV in NZ.

 Decades of making a difference - Pt2
Posted in: Our Communities, HIV  1st December 2014
Brice Kilmister, just retired from running Body Positive, recalls his days as a drug smuggler, political activist and (extremely) stroppy man living with HIV.

 Decades of making a difference - Pt1
Posted in: Our Communities, Health & HIV  30th November 2014
After more than twenty years advocating on behalf of people struggling with HIV infection, Body Positive's CEO looks back as he packs up his office and retires.

 Watch: More than HIV
Posted in: HIV, Features  28th November 2014
With collections underway ahead of World AIDS Day on Monday, check out (and share) this video in which six people with HIV discuss the stigma they face.

 World AIDS Day: Please donate!
Posted in: Health & HIV, Features  27th November 2014
Orphaned, homeless and HIV-positive... your donation in collection buckets this Friday or online any time could help HIV-positive people like this whose needs are particularly immense.