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 Welcome to GABA




Latest News!


GABA Constitutional Review

A subcommittee was formed during the year to review the GABA Constitution 2002.

GABA Constitution 2015 DRAFT and Summary of Changes (not yet ratified by the Executive) are open to feedback from paid-up members.

Please email your feedback to the by 10 April 2015 to be tabled at the next Executive Meeting 15 April.



Community Grants

Applications for Community Grants 2015 are now closed!

Results will be announced 1 April at the GABA Mixer and published  on the Community Grant Recipients page.


GABA Web Changes

The ongoing upgrades continue with our site. We’ve integrated our membership system with our event calendar. If you’d like to add to the calendar, please contact us, and we will look after this for you.
We’ve taken the ‘Login’ away from the top right of the home page, because that’s for administrative purposes, and we think it’s been a little confusing. If you are an administrator, you can click here for that.
If you’ve got any feedback as we progress, or things you’d like to see, just send us an email at


Check Us Out!

 We’re on Facebook & Twitter (@gabanewzealand) for details, spoilers and news about what’s going on in our community.