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 Posted: 9th April 2015

A new collection has been published to honour the memory and raise awareness about a man who could be considered New Zealand’s own Oscar Wilde, James Courage, our very own gay, but sidelined, literary icon.

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 Orange is the New Black season three trailer
Posted: 10th April 2015
The women of Litchfield will be back in June! Here is a sneak peek at what's coming in season three of the hit show.

 The FAFSWAG Pre-ball is coming!
Posted: 8th April 2015
The awesome FAFSWAG team have announced a vogue battle will be held this Saturday night. They’ve put together a video to tell you all about it.

 Watch: George Takei’s new reality series
Posted: 8th April 2015
The gay king of social media George Takei has launched a new YouTube reality series with his husband Brad Takei, “It Takeis Two”. Check out the first episode here.

 Meet: Mr Gay Wellington 2015 Bernard Lee
Posted: 8th April 2015
New Mr Gay Wellington Bernard Lee is a 28-year-old who grew up in Borneo. He tells about coming out to his mum, and what winning the title means to someone who is generally a bit of an introvert.

Trailer: Bessie
Short Film: Quiet
"Your name wasn't approved"
Easter weekend guide

Viral subway post: (read to the end!)
Posted: 10th April 2015
Brazilian man Nelson Felippe’s Facebook post featuring this picture has been shared widely. Read his entire comment to find out why people have responded so strongly.

Hilarious gay Irishman calls Westboro
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the dating section has gone 07 Apr 15, 05:34:pm
Lesbian couple looking for co-parenting or donor 07 Apr 15, 09:26:am
Hormone treatment in prisons for transexuals 04 Apr 15, 07:34:pm
Anyone tested at Body Positive Inc? 30 Mar 15, 02:09:pm
Back to here after a few months, and there is even no new post. 24 Mar 15, 12:09:am
Condoms optional: Promoting the PrEP philosophy 17 Mar 15, 09:51:pm
Any Gay support groups in Auckland? 11 Mar 15, 11:07:am

Review: Stutterpop (Sam Brooks)
Posted: 12th February 2015
Stutterpop is a strange, yet compelling combination of stuttering and pop. Think “The King’s Speech” crossed with Nicki Minaj. It may sound bizarre, but that’s the point.

Review: A Life of Unlearning
Religious freedom, but at what price?

Lynda Whitehead's Agender agenda
Posted: 30th March 2015
New Agender President Lynda Whitehead is determined to grow the group’s membership back up, telling “many voices make more volume than a few."

Watch: LYC at Pasifika
Snapshots of life post HLR

Trans and intersex healthcare: urgent attention needed
Posted: 1st April 2015
“Currently in Aotearoa we are at a point of greatest need,” Auckland counsellor and advocate Tom Hamilton has told MPs on Parliament's Health Select Committee.

Trans and intersex healthcare: urgent attention needed
Condoms optional: Promoting the PrEP philosophy

Ballot Boxing
Posted: 8th April 2015
Nigeria, Northland and New South Wales went to the polls recently. How were LGBT interests dealt with in each jurisdiction?

Louisa Wall at #BeingLGBTI in Asia
UK: Heisenberg's Election?
That Old Raddled Cross?

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• The Fosters - TV2
• Coronation Street - Fri & Sat - TV1
• Nashville - TV1
• Little Britain - UKTV
• It Ain't Half Hot - Jones Sky 13
• Dad's Army - Jones Sky 13
• I Now Pronounce you Chuck & Larry - Sky 32
• In The Club - TV1
• Cilla - part 3 of 3 - TV1
• A Place to Call Home - TV1
• Bro' Town - FOUR
• Project Runway - Vibe Sky 6
• Mad Men - Soho
• Panic Room - Sky 32
• Emmerdale - Mon to Fri - TV1
• The Ellen DeGeneres Show - TV2
• Judge Rinder - Mon to Fri - TV2
• Shameless - TV2
• Bewitched - Jones Sky 13
• Major Crimes - TV1
• How To Get Away With Murder - TV2
• Grey's Anatomy - TV2
• Scandal - TV2
• Two and a Half Men - TV2
• The Big Bang Theory - TV2
• Distraction - TV2
• As Good As It Gets - Sky 32
• Carry on Cowboy - Sky 33
• Austin Powers in Goldmember - Sky 32
• Bones - TV3
• The Graham Norton Show - UKTV & TV3
• The Vampire Diaries - TV2
• Californication - FOUR

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