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Proposed product standards and strategies

This page lists proposed product energy efficiency standards and strategies being investigated by EECA under its forward work plan. The forward work plan is developed in conjunction with the Equipment Energy Efficiency (E3) Programme.

Products are grouped by type, and are categorised as follows.

  • Current consultation - EECA is currently seeking your feedback on proposals to introduce regulation or other documents relating to MEPS and labelling of this product.
  • Revisions to product standards (MEPS and/or labelling) - revisions to existing product standards are being considered for introduction, subject to government approval.
  • New product standards (MEPS and/or labelling) - new product standards are being considered for introduction, subject to government approval.
  • Under investigation -  products being investigated for possible new or revised energy efficiency measures (e.g. minimum energy performance standards, energy rating labels). 
  • Long-term strategy - products being reviewed through long-term energy efficiency strategies.

To receive notification of new consultations, please email your details to

Commercial and industrial products

Heating, cooling and hot water

Household refrigeration

Consumer electronics


Current product standards

A number of products are currently required to meet minimum energy performance and/or energy rating labelling requirements. Find out more about current product standards.