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Regulatory steps for retailers

If you sell appliances or products that are required by regulation to carry energy rating labels, there are some legal requirements that you must meet. This page outlines how to comply with those requirements.

You can also download a simple guide to retailer requirements.

Before the product is made available for sale

Ensure that you're selling products that are legal for sale:

  • By ensuring that an Australian Regulator has approved a registration for the product or EECA has received a completed prescribed form. Typically only products that are legal for sale will appear on the Energy Rating website.
  • The person who you are preparing to purchase this product from should be able to supply you with the products energy efficiency registration number, test report and be able to direct you to the Energy Rating website where you'll be able to identify the product that your planning to make available for sale to consumers. If they can't supply you with this information then practice prudent avoidance.

When the product is available for display in a retail outlet

Ensure that if your product is required to display an energy rating label when available for sale in a retail outlet, that it is displaying the label and:

  • That the label design is in the format specified by the Mandatory Energy Performance Label standard
  • That the label is attached to the product in the location specified by the Mandatory Energy Performance Label standard
  • That the label represents the product that it is attached to
  • That the product label contains no misleading or false representations about the product that it is attached to.

Product recalls

Planning for a product recall is an important risk mitigation process for any business. We encourage importers and manufacturers to have a plan in place. The Ministry of Consumer Affairs can provide you with additional information regarding planning a product recall, please contact them on Telephone +64 4 474 2750 for further information.

Product disputes

The Disputes Tribunal is a place where disputes are settled simply. A Tribunal hearing is held by a Tribunal Referee in private with you and the consumer. The Referee helps you and the consumer try to reach an agreement. If you can't agree, the Referee will look at the law and the facts of your case and decide what is fair.

The Disputes Tribunal also deals with disputes between private individuals. The Tribunals are administered by the Ministry of Justice. We recommend that you also visit the Ministry of Consumer Affairs website for more information about the disputes tribunal processes.

While EECA has provided information to assist with tribunal disputes, assistance is considered on a case by case basis. Previous cases have seen Importers paying for the product to be removed; purchases refunded and any repairs to the property made good.

Product Watch

EECA staff currently work with many importers and manufacturers. From time to time issues will arise as about other businesses claims of efficiency or Labelling content may be disputed. We're happy to take a phone call from you to discuss any concerns; alternatively you can email or post information anonymously to the products team at EECA.

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