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Walking the talk

EECA works on assessing and reducing its own energy use and greenhouse gas emissions, and we have had these efforts independently verified. Since July 2007 we have been certified through the Certified Emissions Measurement And Reduction Scheme (CEMARS®). In 2013 we gained a rating of 4.5 under the NABERSNZ™ scheme.

EECA's own work to reduce energy and emissions

EECA's work to reduce energy and emissions in the workplace includes:

  • encouraging alternatives to air travel where possible and making use of existing videoconferencing facilities at all EECA office sites
  • encouraging staff to select smaller-sized rental vehicles, and participates in ‘City Hop', an alternative rental car scheme that only uses small to medium sized vehicles
  • developing a pilot project to provide travel approvers with real-time information on the impact of proposed travel
  • using a building management system on both floors of its head office to monitor and reduce electricity consumption
  • implementing a suite of energy efficiency measures in all EECA office buildings including lighting controls and motion sensors, separating lighting and power circuits for better management, modifying the air-conditioning, and having a policy of seeking out energy efficient IT equipment, when upgrades occur
  • better waste stream management with bins to collect compostable waste paper and other recyclables including used batteries and compact fluorescent bulbs.


CEMARS logo. CEMARS certification, developed by Landcare Research, is an internationally accredited greenhouse gas certification programme which is recognised and accepted in fifty countries.

To gain CEMARS certification, EECA measures and monitors its carbon footprint (greenhouse gas emissions profile) and makes a commitment to reduce its emissions. EECA's CEMARS certification was independently verified by AsureQuality and is independently certified through Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited, owner and operator of the CEMARS certification programme.

EECA's reports can be accessed on the carboNZero website.


The site occupied by EECA in Wellington has also gained a rating of 4.5 stars out of a possible 6 under the NABERSNZ office building energy measurement and rating scheme. 

The rating covers two floors at 44 the Terrace, which is owned by Kiwi Income Property Trust.

Read the media release.

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