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Become an ENERGY STAR partner

Becoming an ENERGY STAR partner doesn't cost anything and gives you access to New Zealand's mark of energy efficiency.

To become a partner:

To become a partner you must first ensure that your business and products meet the ENERGY STAR partner criteria:




An ENERGY STAR partner has committed to:

  • Use the ENERGY STAR mark in their marketing activities to promote their qualified products, their status as an ENERGY STAR partner, and the programme in general.
  • Encourage their retail partners to use the logo when promoting their qualified products
  • Help maintain the integrity of the ENERGY STAR programme by using the marks in accordance with the ENERGY STAR Brand Guidelines

EECA's commitment as a partner:

  • Increase awareness and understanding of ENERGY STAR in New Zealand by undertaking a variety of marketing activities.
  • Help partners get the best from ENERGY STAR by providing marketing advice and support.
  • Support your staff training on the benefits of ENERGY STAR.


Only ENERGY STAR partners can use the ENERGY STAR mark. This offers a number of benefits including:

  • Validation of energy efficiency - it's New Zealand's only independent, government backed, mark of superior energy efficiency.
  • Simplicity - it's easy for consumers to understand.
  • Differentiation - it offers a strong point of difference for ENERGY STAR qualified products.

Partners can also leverage the consumer brand awareness of the ENERGY STAR mark and EECA's marketing activities such as The Energy Spot.