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EECA research

EECA's research and monitoring programme is designed to deliver practical information that will support best practice in energy efficiency and conservation and renewable energy.  Our analysis helps ensure investment in EECA's programmes deliver the best returns.

Some research projects are conducted in house while others are contracted out.  The research programme is overseen by a committee involving people from all parts of EECA.

The areas we cover include:

Energy use

We maintain and develop the national energy end use database.  New studies associated with this include the Building Energy End-use Survey being undertaken by BRANZ and the Primary Sector End-use Survey being undertaken by Statistics New Zealand.

Consumer Market Research

The following research is part of EECA's quarterly consumer research that tracks the nation's views on energy efficiency and renewable energy. The research provides a snapshot - and tracks change over time - on attitudes to different energy issues at home, on the road, at work, and around where our energy comes from.

The quarterly research is a general public survey with a sample size of 750 responses per quarter. The sample of 750 provides a margin of error of ±3.6%.

The sample is representative of the general population and is weighted back to the 2006 census, by age, gender and region and then by household income.

The research is conducted by Synovate Research - a member of AMRO (Association of Market Research Organisations) and its researchers are members of the MRSNZ (Market Research Society of New Zealand).

July 2009-September 2009 findings

October 2009-December 2009 findings

January 2010 - March 2010 findings

Household energy affordability

Work underway in this area will establish a baseline for understanding household energy use and poverty in New Zealand.

Analysis of potential

These studies get the hard facts on the potential for generation of renewable energy including smaller scale or distributed generation in specific regions of New Zealand. We are also planning further research into the areas with the highest potential savings from increasing energy efficiency.

New and developing technology 

We conduct a wide range of research to find out the facts about new products and technologies, such as identifying the most energy efficient form of water heating and assessing home ventilation systems.


We monitor and report on the impacts of EECA's programmes to measure the difference we are making to New Zealand's energy use.  We also monitor progress towards targets set out in the New Zealand Energy Efficiency and Conservation Strategy

Research resources

The Energy end use database. This database contains estimates of national energy use broken down into different categories including sector, technology, end use, region, and fuel type.

Find out about research conducted or funded by EECA in the Resource centre.