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Our renewable energy resources

Around 40%¹ of New Zealand's primary energy is supplied by renewable energy sources and we have access to significant additional renewable energy resources in the future including geothermal heat, biomass and sources of renewable electricity generation.

The benefits that can be gained through the use of renewable energy resources include:

  • avoiding the use of finite resources
  • reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • increased security of supply by avoiding reliance on imported fuels

The factors that determine how much of these renewable resources actually get used are:

  • technical potential - how much of the resource can be viably utilised given current technologies
  • economic potential - how much of the technical potential is viable at sufficiently low cost.

Read more about the potential to make use of renewable resources in electricity, transport and heat.


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¹ 37% in 2012. Source: Energy in New Zealand 2013, page 58.