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Standards and ratings

Every day we use many energy-consuming products including household appliances and business equipment.  We are buying more and more products every year and using them for longer. New Zealand can make big energy savings by improving the efficiency of new products.

EECA focuses on providing consumer choice among the most efficient products and using standards to limit the worst energy performers. 

By requiring products to meet minimum energy performance standards before they can be sold, and by informing consumers about how to choose the more efficient products, we can provide an incentive for manufacturers to constantly improve energy efficiency.

Setting and monitoring standards

Part of EECA's role is to work with international organisations to set standards for product performance and energy use in New Zealand. This includes requirements to label certain products. Our role includes monitoring compliance with the standards and labelling requirements.

Showing ratings

Providing clear information on the energy performance of a product, house or car makes it easier for consumers to understand the potential ongoing running costs and how one thing stacks up against another. To do this effectively we tend to use a star rating system. You can see star ratings on vehicle fuel economy labels on cars, energy labels on products and voluntary home energy ratings.

How do we use standards and ratings?

The main tools are:

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