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Businesses use 70% of New Zealand's total energy, worth around $8.3 billion every year. Improving business energy use creates a number of benefits, including increased productivity and competitiveness, improved brand and reputation, and puts a downward pressure on energy price rises. In addition, energy efficiency could save New Zealand businesses about $1.6 billion in energy costs.

EECA BUSINESS provides assistance to the following sectors:
  • Industrial
  • Commercial
  • Transport


Industrial businesses include manufacturing, food processing, and wood processing, and commonly use a lot of heat energy - which can be generated by fossil fuels such as coal, gas and diesel. Significant CO2 reductions are available, therefore, from energy efficiency investments or switching to renewable options such as wood or geothermal energy.

EECA BUSINESS provides a range of support and grants to assist investment in energy efficiency. These include:

  • group-wide energy management grants which assist businesses to put in place energy management plans across their sites, or across industry groups, to identify opportunities, share knowledge and ensure benefits are bedded in for the long term
  • technology demonstration grants which encourage the uptake of new technologies, and showcase what is possible.
  • training courses and webinars to educate businesses and support capability development of the service provider community.

Renewable energy

EECA BUSINESS provides information and resources to support better choices around fuel in business, for example to assist businesses considering switching from fossil fuels to renewable energy.

  • The Wood Energy Knowledge Centre provides tools and information for utilising wood residue as a renewable energy source, enabling more use of the vast wood energy resource available in this country.
  • Project grants and feasibility studies are available across a variety of sectors.

Commercial buildings

Commercial buildings use about 20% of New Zealand's total electricity, worth around $800 million. EECA BUSINESS estimates around 20-25% of this could be saved, particularly in areas such as lighting, heating, ventilation and cooling (HVAC).

As part of its commercial buildings programme, EECA BUSINESS offers advice and assistance (including funding) to improve energy use in office buildings, from the design phase through to running of the building.

A further initiative that encourages energy efficiency in commercial office buildings is NABERSNZ™, launched by EECA BUSINESS in partnership with the New Zealand Green Building Council (NZGBC) in 2013. This is a voluntary scheme that measures and rates the energy performance of office buildings in New Zealand. Find out more on the NABERSNZ website.


EECA BUSINESS's focus in transport is on the heavy vehicle fleet, which uses 20% of fuel in New Zealand. As well as lowering costs for operators, better fuel efficiency reduces national CO2 emissions and fossil fuel consumption. A more fuel efficient fleet is also safer, with road accidents reduced by as much as half.

EECA's Heavy Vehicle Fuel Efficiency programme was launched in July 2012

Sharing business stories

Many projects that we support are shared with industry via case studies, the EECA BUSINESS website and media articles. To receive updates on EECA BUSINESS, subscribe to our newsletters.

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