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What we do

EECA - Te Tari Tiaki Pūngao (The Office That Guards The Energy) - is the entity set up by the New Zealand government to encourage, support and promote energy efficiency, energy conservation, and the use of renewable sources of energy.

EECA's goal is to maximise the cost-effective benefits from energy savings for all New Zealanders, and stimulate the uptake of both large and small-scale renewable energy where economic.

We decide what actions to take based on the potential for cost-effective benefits of any kind from energy savings and emissions reductions.

Diagram showing EECA's mandate and outcomes.

The benefits from the uptake of energy efficiency, conservation and renewable energy, can extend across the whole New Zealand economy and are not limited to saving money on energy costs and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Information and advice

We help New Zealanders understand how they can use energy more wisely, and see the benefits of their actions, by providing information and advice at home through the ENERGYWISE website and at work through the EECA BUSINESS website.

As well as our websites we use a number of other channels to communicate this information and advice, including The Energy Spot.

Business support

We work directly with individual businesses to help them better manage their energy use and become more productive and competitive.

We provide information and advice for businesses of all sizes and we provide some financial assistance to businesses that meet specific criteria.

Funding and incentives

We provide some funding and financial assistance to help New Zealand homeowners, and businesses invest in more efficient products or systems, or switch to renewable energy. We do this because the public benefits generated are worth more than the cost to EECA of providing assistance.

Find out more about funding for homeowners or businesses.

Standards and ratings

We set and monitor minimum energy performance standards (MEPS) for a range of products and appliances, and we set the rules for energy rating labels that show the relative energy efficiency of different products.

Find out about minimum energy performance standards and energy rating labels.

Research and monitoring

We undertake and invest in research to give us a sound analytical basis for our work, and to monitor the results of our work programmes.


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