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Vehicle fuel economy labels

Vehicle fuel economy labels help you factor in efficiency and running costs when choosing a car. The label tells you how much fuel a car uses and how much it costs to run for a year. If your car has low fuel consumption it will go further on a full tank, save you money, and release less carbon dioxide and other emissions into the atmosphere.

Vehicle fuel economy label

You'll see the label on cars for sale from registered vehicle traders, and online you are likely see the fuel economy information displayed as text.

What the fuel economy label tells you

  • Vehicle make and model
  • Star rating - up to six stars for the most efficient cars
  • Cost per year to run the car - based on an average fuel price and a distance of 14,000km. 
  • Fuel economy in litres per 100km - based on performance of a new model of the car
  • Reference number - confirms that the label refers to the vehicle it’s displayed with
  • Average fuel price - used to calculate the cost per year for comparison purposes 

Which cars have the label?

The label is displayed on all cars manufactured after 2000, provided the information is available, as it is a legal requirement (except for electric cars).

If you’re looking for a car online, the fuel economy information may be displayed as text rather than a label - look for it in the listing information.

How to print labels yourself

The fuel economy label generator takes the vehicle details that you enter into it and references our database to generate the fuel economy information and label for that car. If you’re a vehicle trader you can use the generator to print multiple labels for multiple cars.

Use our fuel economy label generator to get vehicle information or produce fuel economy labels yourself.

More fuel label information:

If you have any questions about fuel economy labels contact EECA on 0800 749 782 or email