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ENERGYWISE approved tyres

There are many things people can do to make a difference to their fuel use and reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, and one of those is to make a good choice when it comes to replacing tyres. Alongside the safety benefits of a good tyre, tyres also make a surprising difference to the fuel economy of a vehicle.

To help New Zealand drivers make the best choice, EECA and the New Zealand tyre industry have developed an approval mark for fuel efficient tyres.

ENERGYWISE approved tyres must meet minimum criteria for both fuel efficiency and safety (braking in the wet).

Whether people know of them as low rolling resistance tyres, eco tyres, energy efficient, or fuel efficient tyres - the concept is not generally understood by most. That's why the introduction of the approval mark will be supported by an advertising and information campaign.

Overseas there are a number of different labelling schemes that help consumers identify a fuel efficient tyre. The criteria for ENERGYWISE approved fuel efficient tyres are similar to the schemes in Japan, Korea, and the European Union, but this is the first time a simple approval mark is used instead of a more complex label.

The following tyre suppliers are fuel efficient tyre programme partners with EECA as at 1 October 2014. Being a programme partner means they are committed to stocking and promoting ENERGYWISE approved tyres.

Programme partner Web address
Blairs Supertyre Distributors Ltd
Bridgestone (including Tony's Tyre Service)
DTM Wheel & Tyre
Goodyear Dunlop
Momentum Tyres
Radial Imports NZ
Tyremax LP
Value Tyres Ltd

Download the list of tyres that have been registered with, and approved by EECA as ENERGYWISE approved tyres.
Registered tyres must meet certain criteria, read the product specification for more information.

For more information about the programme, and its benefits read the fuel efficient tyres industry booklet.

For more information about ENERGYWISE approved tyres, read our frequently asked questions.


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