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Every day we use many energy-consuming products including household appliances and business equipment. We are buying more and more products every year and using them more in our everyday lives.

Many common types of energy-using products in New Zealand consume more energy to perform their function than they need to. New Zealand can make big energy savings by improving the efficiency of new products.

Our products programme

EECA's products programme uses regulation of energy standards and labelling to improve the choices consumers make when they are buying new products, appliances, and vehicles.

By requiring products to meet minimum energy performance standards before they can be sold, the worst-performing products are kept off the shelves and manufacturers have an incentive to constantly improve energy efficiency.

Providing information at the point of sale on the product or vehicle's on-going energy use helps consumers factor in the life-time running costs of their potential purchase, and therefore helps New Zealand families and businesses to purchase and use products that use less energy and save money.

Minimum energy performance standards and labelling programme

Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) ensure that only efficient products are available for sale. Products must be tested and shown to meet a minimum standard for energy consumption. Standards are reviewed regularly to keep pace with technological developments, and ensure improvements continue to occur.

EECA works with its counterpart in Australia to set standards that apply in both countries. There are currently 18 products covered by energy efficiency regulations.

Energy performance information is made available to consumers on energy rating labels. The labels allow consumers to see how much energy a product will use and compare the energy performance of competing models.

ENERGY STAR® programme

ENERGY STAR is the mark of superior energy efficiency, awarded to qualified products and appliances. In New Zealand it is currently found on televisions, heat pumps, dishwashers, washing machines, home electronics and office equipment.

EECA works in partnership with leading New Zealand distributors, manufacturers and retailers to promote the voluntary ENERGY STAR programme in New Zealand.


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