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Central and local government

Energy use in central and local government

Central and local government organisations encourage, support and promote energy efficiency and conservation and renewable energy in their own communities and sectors. These organisations are also large energy users in their own right, using an estimated total of around 10-15 Petajoules a year. 

Our central and local government programmes

EECA works with many government organisations to provide input into policy development. We also work with government organisations to help them effectively manage their own energy use.

Assistance, assessments and advice

Assistance for local government energy planning

We provide guidelines to assist local government plan for energy resource development in their regions.

Regional renewable energy assessments

Regional renewable energy assessments analyse the types and availability of renewable energy that could be developed on a region-by-region basis. 

Energy management advice

Central and local government organisations wanting to better manage their own energy use can  benefit from taking the same approach as businesses.


Crown loans

We offer loans to assist central and local government organisations to implement energy efficiency projects. 

Grants for wood energy

Wood energy is a good alternative energy source for some government organisations, such as schools. We offer grants for projects to convert to the use of wood energy.

Grants for audits

Grants are available for organisations that use a lot of energy to do an energy audit, design audit or fleet audit

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