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Consultations and requests for proposals

EECA's tenders are posted on the Government Electronic Tenders Service (GETS) website.


  1. Product profile for incandescent, halogen and compact fluorescent lamps. Along with Australia, EECA is consulting on a Product profile for incandescent, halogen and compact fluorescent lamps. This report investigates the feasibility of revising and/or expanding the Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) for incandescent, halogen and compact fluorescent lamps. Find out more and read the product profile.

    The New Zealand Government does not wish to limit consumer choice, and prefers to provide information to help consumers make informed decisions about energy efficiency. For this reason incandescent lamps are likely to remain for sale in New Zealand. However MEPS is supported for products like CFLs where there is a range of efficiencies and room for improvement. EECA is now considering revising the CFL MEPS levels, potentially to harmonise with EU standards. We are also considering MEPS for extra low voltage halogen lamps.

    We are interested in your views. If there is sufficient interest, a meeting will be held to discuss the profile on 4 December 2014. Please email if you would like to attend in Auckland or Wellington. The meeting is likely to be in Auckland and Wellington via video conference. Submissions are due by 13 February 2015 and can be sent to

Previous consultations

  1. Electricity Levy consultation - consulation on EECA's use of the electricity levy to fund its electricity efficiency programmes. EECA proposed to appropriate $13 million for 2015/16. EECA proposed to use the levy to improve electricity efficiency in the following sectors:
  • The industrial and commercial business sectors, with tailored advice to encourage a strategic and long term approach to energy management 

  • The commercial sector, including NABERSNZ ratings for commercial buildings, standards and labelling for commercial products, and uptake of commercial lighting technologies 

  • The industrial sector, including motor systems, and minimum energy performance standards for motors, pumps, fans and air compressors 

  • The residential sector, including lighting, water and space heating, electrical products and appliances.

    The electricity efficiency proposals are part of a joint consultation paper on the 2015/16 annual appropriations released by the Electricity Authority and EECA. The appropriation consultation period commenced on 29 October 2014 and submissions closed on 12 December 2014. View the submissions.

Tenders and RFPs

EECA currently has the following requests for proposals (RFPs) open:

  1. Technology demonstration programme - invitation to register. EECA is interested in demonstrating technologies that can help businesses use their energy more efficiently. We want to encourage the implementation and demonstration of proven, underutilised technologies that could improve industrial energy performance, if more widely adopted. As well as working with businesses directly, EECA also intend to work with suppliers of energy efficient and renewable energy technologies. Technology suppliers are invited to register with EECA to take part in the technology demonstration programme. An invitation to register (ITR) has been listed on GETS.

    For further information, log on to the GETS website (reference number 3764769). This invitation to register will be open until 30 April 2015.

  2. Lower carbon meat and dairy programme - invitation to register. There are significant opportunities for meat and dairy plants to save money and reduce CO2 emissions through improved energy efficiency and / or switching to lower carbon fuels. This programme provides support to identify and quantify process heat-related carbon emission reduction opportunities, and prepare business cases and plans to achieve these. EECA BUSINESS is seeking proposals from qualified consultants to become programme partners. Programme partners will be able to apply for funding to support their delivery of quality, compelling business cases for meat and dairy processing clients.

    For further information, log on to the GETS website (reference number 42865). This invitation to register will be open until 29 May 2015.