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The more your business spends on energy, the more potential there is to save money.

Energy efficient businesses can enjoy lower costs, and can increase productivity which makes them more competitive. And demonstrating your commitment to the environment strengthens your brand and company reputation.

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Energy management programme

Technical information

What's on offer?

Energy management programme

A well designed and managed energy management programme allows you to take control of your energy use - and in the process increase productivity and competitiveness.

To help you get started with your own energy management programme, we have developed an energy management programme guide.

Getting buy-in

Gaining buy-in from senior management to actively manage your energy costs is an important step in establishing a successful energy management programme. Part 1 of the guide outlines the high-level responsibilities that involve senior management.

These activities include:

  • Developing an energy management policy and strategy
  • Developing an action plan, including critical success factors
  • Appointing an energy manager/co-ordinator.

 Download the guide: Setting up an energy management programme (Part 1)

Developing your plan

Once you have your management team on board, it is time to make it happen. Part 2 of the guide takes an in-depth look at the implementation process for those tasked with actioning an Energy Management Programme.

This includes:

  • Tips for an energy manager
  • Motivating staff to manage energy
  • Reviewing historic energy use
  • Effective energy auditing
  • Developing the business case for projects
  • Setting targets
  • Monitoring and reporting.

Download the guide: Key aspects of implementing an energy management programme (Part 2).

Technical information

Find out more about:

In addition to this, the Resource Centre has guidelines for designing new energy efficient buildings and retrofiting existing buildings.

More information

  • Targeting and Monitoring Guide outlines how energy managers can monitor their energy use, as well as providing guidance for senior executives on setting energy reduction targets. 
  • Case studies - find case studies relevant to your industry or technology.