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Child Abuse and Domestic Violence

It’s everyone’s problem

More than half of violent crime happens within our families.

New Zealand has the fifth highest rate of child abuse in the developed world.

Family Violence is killing about 35 people on average a year.

Thousands more are hurt or scarred for life.

Each night on average more than 200 women and children seek refuge from violent partners.

Our children and families deserve better.

The Glenn Inquiry was an independent effort to peel back the layers of New Zealand’s alarming child abuse and domestic violence statistics.

It strove to give those hurt by violence, or trying to help and protect those who are harmed, a voice at the table in finding ways to end this blight on our people.

It aimed to propose a better system for tackling child abuse and family violence - one that works.

On 28 November 2014 the Glenn Inquiry concluded its work with the release of the People’s Blueprint.