You can expect IBS Debits and Credits on the 20th of the month

To help efficiencies with IBS the following will apply from March 2013:

Month 1
Te Puna Interloan transactions occur.

Month 2
3rd working day- statements sent out.
20th of the month (or closest day if falls on a weekend) – debits/credits hit library bank accounts.

Month 3
15th of the month (or closest day if falls on a weekend) – final wash up of Month 1(i.e. manual credits that may have had to been made.)

IIBS debits/credits will hit library bank accounts on the 20th of every other month.

Previously direct debits were on 15th of the month and direct credits were on the 20th. These changes will provide certainty to users as to when to expect a transaction(either debit or credit) to hit their bank accounts.

Please direct any queries regarding this change to ibs at

You can use Debit and Credit forms to manually create IBS billing

The IBS Input Forms – Debit and Credit have slightly changed to allow greater efficiencies for IBS.

When you next submit an IBS Debit or Credit form please download the new versions from the Te Puna Interloans page on the National Library website.

Things to note:
• The greyed out areas do not need to be filled in.
• The header columns contain notes to clarify each column, which you can see if you place your cursor over the relevant cell.

Please direct any queries about the new forms to

You can create manual request numbers in IBS

For those libraries who are creating request numbers for manual requests, the IBS Administrator has asked that you create the request numbers in a sequential format e.g. 2013/17, 2013/18, 2013/19 etc.
Duplicated numbers are preventing the loading process from completing and thus causing major delays within the billing system.

You can use Firefox 18 with Te Puna Interloan (VDX)

Recently Firefox 18 became available on general release. Staff at The Department of Internal Affairs have tested Mozilla Firefox 18 against VDX and have been using it generally with the application. All tests passed correctly and our view is that this version of Firefox is satisfactory for use with VDX.

Staff have also tested Firefox 19 beta with successful results. It’s to be noted that this later version incorporates a built-in PDF viewer and thus bypasses the need for any third-party viewing plugin.

You can find out updated information on national and international interloan trends

The LIANZA website still contains useful information on the New Zealand Interloan Scheme and if you are particularly interested in updated information on national and international interloan trends the Papers and Reports page is well worth a visit.

You can get IBS Transactions not processed reports from the National Library website

From January 2013 the Interloan Billing System (IBS) Transactions not processed reports will be available from the National Library website on the Te Puna Interloan page
(half way down the page under Non–IBS users) and no longer on the LIANZA website.

You can create requests for DocStore

Be careful when creating a DocStore request e.g. for chapters from a book, conference proceedings or government publications. There is a known bug in the current version of VDX and we offer the following pointers in creating requests for these items.

1. Chapter request

When creating the request set Service Type 1 to ‘Copy non returnable’. This is the only step required as it ensures all the copy defaults, especially copyright compliance, are applied to the request and DocStore delivery is assured.

2. Conference proceedings

Conference proceedings automatically load up loan defaults. When only a paper is required select Service Type 1 of ‘Copy non returnable’. The approach is the same as for a chapter request.

3. Government publications

Government publications can be both books and serials. This is confusing as both formats load with loan defaults. When only a chapter or an article is required select Service Type 1 of ‘Copy non returnable’. The request takes on the hallmarks of a copy request like the two previous examples.

4. What if?

What if the request has loan defaults when really it’s only for a copy of part of the item? As the responder you are able to ship as a copy request making sure you set Service Type to ‘Copy non returnable’ on the shipping screen. But you will not be able to attach a document. Delivery of the item will need to be by a method other than DocStore.

All of the solutions presented here have been successfully tested using Firefox 17 and 18Beta, IE8 and IE9.