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About Us


The Party's mission shall be:

  • to be a broad-based New Zealand political party; and
  • to achieve political and social change based on the Party's values and principles set out in clause 4 and the specific policies that arise from those values and principles.


The Party is united in seeking to create a better New Zealand for future generations. United Future assesses political policies by their effect on future generations and believes that the key to improving the long-term future for all diverse communities within New Zealand are policies that help families form a solid basis for our society.


The key principles that United Future is based on are:

  • A fair, democratic and open society, founded on the rule of law, integrity and justice, committed to the fundamental values of respect for life, liberty, equality and community, including:
  • Freedom of political choice through free elections;
  • Freedom of speech, information and assembly;
  • Freedom of belief and religious expression;
  • Integrity and truth as essential to all relationships between individuals, communities and Government.
  • Self-reliance, personal responsibility and independence, and proper reward for effort.
  • Economic freedom through an open market economy, and the promotion of innovation, creativity and wealth for the individual and collective benefit of both employers and employees, balanced by a recognition of wider social responsibility and the need to protect the natural environment.
  • The family (including wider family and whanau) as the primary unit for a sustainable society and its interdependence with strong, caring and compassionate community organisations, such as churches, schools, charitable and other service groups.
  • A modern multicultural society which encourages social harmony and unity through respect for individual differences and cultural diversity and:
  • Which recognises New Zealand’s bicultural heritage arising from the Treaty of Waitangi;
  • Which encourages responsible citizenship based on mutual respect;
  • Where the framework and rule of law applies equally to all.
  • Where no one is enslaved by poverty or ignorance, and every child has the best possible start in life.

A partnership between New Zealanders and their Government where:

  • Individuals balance freedom of choice and opportunity with the responsibility of living in community with other people;
  • The Government seeks to empower individuals, families and communities through values based leadership including protecting the weak and those at risk and requiring responsible behaviour of all people.