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Last year was an exciting one for UnitedFuture, with our share of ups and downs – but we’re proud of what we’ve achieved in 12 months;

  • Child support laws updated to meet modern realities
  • Psychoactive Substances (legal highs) controlled;
  • Families commission annual Family Status Report established;
  • Transmission Gully approved;
  •  Game Animal Council bill passed.

All of this while standing by our liberal democratic beliefs and maintaining a stable government. We’ve still got a lot to do to help create a better New Zealand for future generations.

Opportunities to be involved

Volunteer as a candidate

Would you consider standing as a candidate at election time – it’s a great way to support the party and you get to see elections from another angle. There is plenty of experienced candidates to help you out and a nationally co-ordinated campaign.


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Despite only allowing 140 characters, Twitter is a busy place where people discuss (and frequently debate) current events. It is changing the way politicians interact with the public almost direct contact. 


Love it or hate it, Facebook is still (currently) the heart of social media. A good place to engage with other likeminded people and build our own online community:

Our People

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Our Consitutution and Party Rules

This is in the process of being updated and added to our new look website. Please check back here soon.

UnitedFuture unveils its list

UnitedFuture has announced the top ten members of its party list.

UnitedFuture leader Peter Dunne says reflects the party’s strong commitment to outdoor recreation interest and New Zealand’s migrant communities.

“UnitedFuture stands for fairness and choice, the diversity of communities, and the rights of all New Zealanders to enjoy the unique aspects of the New Zealand lifestyle.

“The candidates on this list reflect those attributes and I am confident all can make a strong and effective contribution to New Zealand and its future,” he says. 

The list:

1.       Hon Peter Dunne                             Party leader, MP for Ōhariu since 1984 (ex officio)

2.       Alan Simmons                                   Party president, candidate for Taupō, well known fishing and hunting guide and operator of the widely viewed website

3.       Damian Light                                      Candidate for Northcote, Kiwirail line manager

4.       Sultan Eusoff                                     Candidate for Rongotai, chief executive, Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand

5.       Ben Rickard                                        Candidate for Bay of Plenty, long involvement in community development in the United States and New Zealand

6.       Jason Woolston                                Candidate for Kelston, long involvement in hospitality management & compliance advisory services  

7.       Dave Stonyer                                     Candidate for Hutt South, professional speaker and former small business operator

8.       Bryan Mockridge                              Candidate for Maungakiekie, ICT specialist

9.       Ram Parkash                                      Candidate for Manukau East, real estate agent

10.   Quentin Todd                                    Candidate for Hamilton East, foreign policy analyst

11.   James Maxwell                                 Candidate for Tauranga, supermarket checkout operator and management trainee

Principles and values

Mission statement

The Party's mission shall be:

  • to be a broad-based New Zealand political party; and
  • to achieve political and social change based on the Party's values and principles set out in clause 4 and the specific policies that arise from those values and principles.

Vision statement

The Party is united in seeking to create a better New Zealand for future generations. United Future assesses political policies by their effect on future generations and believes that the key to improving the long-term future for all diverse communities within New Zealand are policies that help families form a solid basis for our society.


The key principles that United Future is based on are:

  • A fair, democratic and open society, founded on the rule of law,  integrity and justice, committed to the fundamental values of respect for life, liberty, equality and community, including:
  • Freedom of political choice through free elections;
  • Freedom of speech, information and assembly;
  • Freedom of belief and religious expression;
  • Integrity and truth as essential to all relationships between individuals, communities and Government.
  • Self-reliance, personal responsibility and independence, and proper reward for effort.
  • Economic freedom through an open market economy, and the promotion of innovation, creativity and wealth for the individual and collective benefit of both employers and employees, balanced by a recognition of wider social responsibility and the need to protect the natural environment.
  • The family (including wider family and whanau) as the primary unit for a sustainable society and its interdependence with strong, caring and compassionate community organisations, such as churches, schools, charitable and other service groups.
  • A modern multicultural society which encourages social harmony and unity through respect for individual differences and cultural diversity and:
  • Which recognises New Zealand’s bicultural heritage arising from the Treaty of Waitangi;
  • Which encourages responsible citizenship based on mutual respect;
  • Where the framework and rule of law applies equally to all.
  • Where no one is enslaved by poverty or ignorance, and every child has the best possible start in life.

A partnership between New Zealanders and their Government where:

  • Individuals balance freedom of choice and opportunity with the responsibility of living in community with other people;
  • The Government seeks to empower individuals, families and communities through values based leadership including protecting the weak and those at risk and requiring responsible behaviour of all people.