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Election 2014

UnitedFuture has a proven record of delivering results;

  • Secured Business and personal tax cuts
  • Simplified the tax system by abolishing gift duty
  • Charitable donation deduction tax cap removed
  • Created National Medicines Strategy which means 240,000 more people with access to medicines they need
  • Established the Families Commission giving families a voice in government, ran the ‘It’s Not OK’ domestic violence campaign and now produces an annual family status report
  • Reformed Child Support to meet modern realities
  • Championed Transmission Gully which has been approved, ready to be built

See more on our policy successes.

Candidates and Party List

UnitedFuture is standing candidates in electorates across New Zealand.

To see a who these people are, where they are on the list and what they will bring to parliament if elected, click here.


UnitedFuture has proven it can achieve real results by working with other parties.

We have plenty of good policy and this election we are focusing on some key policies areas.