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Archived statutory reports and publications from:

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Sector publications

This area contains publications about New Zealand's building and housing sector and the statutory reports.

Annual Report

Earlier annual reports are available here »

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Briefing for Incoming Ministers

After a general election a series of documents to brief Ministers on issues relevant to their portfolios.

Read the Briefing for the Incoming Ministers »

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Building consent statistics

View the Annual building consent statistic reports »

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Cabinet papers

View the Cabinet papers that outline the Government’s decisions and policy approaches »

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Chief Executive's expenses

View the Chief Executive's expenses »

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Regulatory impact statements

The Regulatory impact statements that are prepared to support the consideration of regulatory proposals.

View the Regulatory impact statements »

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Residential land supply

Read reports on the Auckland region's residential land supply »

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Statement of Intent

View the Statements of intent »

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Archived information

Archived information including Ministry of Housing and Building Industry Authority publications.

Read the Achived  publications »

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