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Ministerial Committee on Poverty

The Ministerial Committee on Poverty arose out of the Relationship Accord and Confidence and Supply Agreement between the National Party and the Māori Party.

Members of the Committee include Hon Bill English, Deputy Prime Minister & Minister of Finance (Chairman), Hon Tariana Turia, Minister Responsible for Whanau Ora ( Deputy Chair) and the Ministers of Health, Education, Tertiary Education, Skills and Employment, Social Development, Housing, Māori Affairs and Courts.

As a working committee, it will focus on the circumstances that trap people in poverty and provide them with real opportunities to make changes and choices.

The Committee will focus on:

  • the effectiveness of current approaches and responses against a backdrop of Better Public Services and getting value for money for taxpayers.
  • raising education achievement, providing employment opportunities and safe, secure homes for families/Whanau.

The Committee meets at least every quarter.

See: Ministerial Poverty Committee making progress - media release from Hon Bill English, Deputy Prime Minister & Minister of Finance, and Hon Tariana Turia, Minister Responsible for Whanau Ora.  8 August 2012. 

See also: Research into New Zealand Income Mobility and Deprivation - related information release on the Treasury website.  Released 9 May 2012. 

See: Cabinet Paper 'Six Monthly Report of the Ministerial Committee on Poverty' (April 2013) published as a PDF file below. Released 31 May 2013.
(Note that Appendix 2 of the Cabinet Paper can be viewed here: Government’s response to the Children’s Commissioner’s Expert Advisory Group on Solutions to Child Poverty. (Beehive website).

See also: media statement from Prime Minister Rt Hon John Key, 27 May 2013, Funding boosts to help vulnerable children – PM, and media statement from Minister for Social Development Hon Paula Bennett, 28 May 2013, Breakfast programme part of the solution. (Beehive website).