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Security and Intelligence Group

National Assessments Bureau

The National Assessments Bureau (NAB) was renamed in March 2010, having formerly been the External Assessments Bureau. Its function is to provide assessments to the Prime Minister, other ministers, senior officials and New Zealand’s diplomatic missions abroad, on events and developments that bear on New Zealand’s interests, especially in regard to national security matters. In carrying out this function, the Bureau’s purpose is to help to inform decision-making by the government.

Security & Risk Group

The Security and Risk Group (SRG) coordinates and provides leadership on a range of strategies, policies and operations for strengthening national security and stability.

Intelligence Coordination Group

The Intelligence Coordination Group (ICG) is a small team charged with assisting intelligence agencies to provide coordinated and useful information for government decision-making, and with supporting the Officials Committee for Domestic and External Security Coordination (ODESC) in its governance role in relation to those agencies. Its key functions are to lead and coordinate the intelligence community agencies for requirements, priority setting, risk management and functional performance reporting. It also coordinates the New Zealand intelligence community's overall relationships with foreign partners.

National Cyber Policy Office

The National Cyber Policy Office (NCPO) was established in July 2012 to lead the development of cyber security policy advice for government and to advise on investing government resources in cyber security activities.