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John Key

17 May, 2013

Key Notes: Budget issue

Building momentum and delivering on our promises

Yesterday, the Government presented our fifth budget to New Zealanders.  Our Budget outlines National's plans and priorities as we look forward.  It shows how we're building momentum in the economy, helping support Kiwi families, giving businesses the confidence to provide more jobs for New Zealanders, and delivering better results from the public services that matter to New Zealanders.

I've recorded a video summarising Budget 2013.

You can also watch the Finance Minister's video on the Budget.

New Zealand's economy is in good shape.  The Budget confirms the Government will get back to surplus by 2014/15.

We're investing to help build a competitive and productive economy.  For New Zealand to be able to pay its way in the world, we need increased trade and investment, which will create jobs and opportunities for New Zealand families.  An important feature of this Budget is the $100 million per year internationally focused growth package.

Over the past five years, we've proven that keeping a lid on spending is not a handbrake to improving services.  We've focused on delivering better public services to New Zealand families - such as the health system and through education - and the Budget invests more in areas that will make a difference.

Housing affordability is a growing concern for many home buyers.  In the Budget, we introduced a comprehensive package of measures to address both affordability and social housing.

We're also boosting support for vulnerable children and low-income families.  We're spending $100 million over three years on home insulation for at least 46,000 low-income homes.

We're working hard to ensure every child gets the skills they need.  Which is why we're lifting achievement at all levels, making more information available to parents, and lifting the quality of teaching in schools. Next year, our total investment in education will increase to $12.4 billion.

The health of our families is important to us all.  The Budget continues Government's focus on better healthcare and prevention services, such as breast cancer screening.  Additional Budget funding of $1.6 billion over the next four years, takes the total health budget to $14.7 billion next year.

Our Budget, and our plan, is comprehensive.  We're working hard across the board so that you and your family have the higher incomes, better services, and brighter future you deserve.

John Key
Prime Minister

www. johnkey. co. nz

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