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John Key

7 March, 2013

Key Notes: Proceeding on Government Share Offers

The National-led Government is on track with our Government Share Offer programme, which we campaigned on at the last election.

This will give Kiwis a chance to invest in big New Zealand companies. The Government will raise money to build public assets such as schools and hospitals without borrowing more.

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John Key
Prime Minister

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"The Crown is considering offering shares to the public in one or more of the Mixed Ownership Model Companies. No money is currently being sought and no applications for shares will be accepted or money received until after an investment statement containing information about the relevant offer of shares is available. It is intended that an application will be made to NZX Limited to list each of the Mixed Ownership Model Companies on the NZX Main Board. In each case, the application will be made at the time that shares in that company are offered to the public. No such applications have yet been made."