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John Key

8 March, 2013

Key Notes - Building a stronger economy

I'm in Latin America at the moment, leading a trade delegation, and visiting countries to help boost our economic links with this part of the world.

I've already been to Mexico, where I met the new President, Enrique Pena Nieto. Mexico is New Zealand's largest goods trading partner in Latin America, but there is more we can do to strengthen this relationship.

I've also visited Colombia, where I held bilateral talks with President Juan Manuel Santos, and we discussed the potential for a comprehensive economic partnership between our two countries.

I'm also visiting Chile and Brazil while away. Overall, this trip is about boosting the links New Zealand has with this part of the world. All four countries are growing markets, which present valuable opportunities for New Zealand businesses to export our goods, and services. And there is scope to increase collaboration between countries - we are all big producers of food the rest of the world wants, and there is much we can learn from each other.

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Proceeding with Government Share Offers

National campaigned very strongly on our Share Offers programme at the 2011 election. We're well on track with delivering this promise to New Zealanders.

View my video here.

National is working hard to build a more productive and competitive economy, based on savings and investment, not debt borrowed from foreign lenders.

Offering New Zealanders minority shares in companies that the Government maintains majority control of, will enable us to broaden the pool of investment for Kiwis. And it will free up capital we can then invest in other priority assets, such as schools, and hospitals.

Visit the National website for more information on the Share Offers programme:

Did you miss these important stories?

Under National, 350,000 kids under six are able to visit the doctor free of charge, any time of the day or after hours.

Earlier this year, I announced the Government will boost our apprenticeships system, and we'll offer financial support to new apprentices, and their employers. This scheme has been so successful, we've brought forward the start date, so new apprentices who enrol now, can access $1,000 towards their tools and off-job costs, or $2,000 if they are in priority trades.

From my diary

I'm in Latin America until later next week. I look forward to updating you on the rest of my trip in my next newsletter.


John Key
Prime Minister

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"The Crown is considering offering shares to the public in one or more of the Mixed Ownership Model Companies. No money is currently being sought and no applications for shares will be accepted or money received until after an investment statement containing information about the relevant offer of shares is available. It is intended that an application will be made to NZX Limited to list each of the Mixed Ownership Model Companies on the NZX Main Board. In each case, the application will be made at the time that shares in that company are offered to the public. No such applications have yet been made."