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About this Site

On this website you will find information about:

  • Ministers, their portfolios, newsletters and contact details;
  • Speeches, press releases and press conference transcripts;
  • Ministerial briefings;
  • Major Government initiatives and policies; and
  • Information from previous Governments.

The documents on this website are generally grouped according to minister and/or portfolio, together with background information on each of the work topics.

Click on the following topics for specific information on using the Beehive website:


  • We welcome feedback on any document or topic on this site.
  • To correct or comment on site content, please email
  • If you have comments on the usability of our site, or have identified a technical fault, email

Information formats

The Beehive website aims to provide as much content as possible on this website in HTML (Hypertext Markup Language). In addition, documents and publications may be published in PDF (Portable Document Format).

HTML multi-page layout

Most users prefer HTML for online viewing, and this is the format of the page first reached when viewing a document on this site.

PDF for printing or downloading

A document in PDF retains the page structure and style of the original document (such as page numbering, footnotes at the bottom of each page, presentation of graphics). Therefore, for downloading or printing from the website, the PDF version is more suitable.

Adobe Acrobat Reader

PDF files on this website are created using Adobe Acrobat software. Adobe Acrobat Reader is necessary to view them. An Acrobat Reader can be downloaded free of charge from the Adobe website

Locating content

There are a number of ways to access content on this site.

  1. Use the Home page dynamic navigation. It gives one-click access to all content areas.
  2. Look at the Releases section of the homepage for the newest releases.
  3. Use the Site Map, a one page text version of the dynamic navigation, with links to all main content areas.
  4. Use the Search facility to locate content. Search the whole site, or search individual sections. Use the Advanced Search option to refine your search.

Maori language

The Beehive website follows the recommendations of Te Taura Whiri the Maori Language Commission in the use of macrons in Maori language, and aims to to use macrons in Maori text in its published documents.
On websites, however, the ability to display macrons is limited by current technology and a lack of standardisation. If vowels with macrons are used, it cannot currently be guaranteed that Maori words will appear correctly on all browser platforms. For information on how to configure your browser to display macrons, please click here.

New content

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