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Latest newsletters

17 May, 2013

Key Notes: Budget issue

Yesterday, the Government presented our fifth budget to New Zealanders.

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8 March, 2013

Key Notes - Building a stronger economy

In this issue of Key Notes: Latest news from my Latin America trip; Proceeding with Govt share offers - video.

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7 March, 2013

Key Notes: Proceeding on Government Share Offers

The National-led Government is on track with our Government Share Offer programme, which we campaigned on at the last election.

This will give Kiwis a chance to invest in big New Zealand companies. The Government will raise money to build public assets such as schools and hospitals without borrowing more.

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6 July, 2012

Key Notes: Doing our fair share on climate change

In this edition of Key Notes, I talk about changes to New Zealand's Emissions Trading Scheme designed to balance our environmental responsibilities with our economic opportunitie, our action plan to reduce crime, and the expansion of the social workers in schools programme.

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29 June, 2012

Key Notes: Delivering better public services

On Monday, I announced the targets that I expect our public service to deliver for New Zealanders over the next five years.  These targets are specific and measurable, which means we'll be able to show you how we're doing against each one.  We'll report regularly on each of these, because we know how important it is that we're delivering against our promises.

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22 June, 2012

Key Notes: Progressing our partial share offer programme

This issue of Key Notes is devoted to three central issues - our partial share offer programme, superannuation, and our voluntary bonding scheme for graduate doctors, nurses, and midwives.

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8 June, 2012

Key Notes: Visiting Europe

This issue of Key Notes covers my visit to Europe, where I've been meeting world leaders and representing New Zealand at the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Celebrations, my meeting with British Prime Minister David Cameron and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, our recent changes to education policy - and a few items from my diary.

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25 May, 2012


This year's Budget is about supporting New Zealanders in uncertain times and investing in our future. It keeps the Government's books on track to surplus in 2014/15, invests in better public services, and builds a strong platform for future growth.

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25 May, 2012

Key Notes - Investing in our future

Yesterday Bill English delivered National's fourth Budget. Our Budget is responsible and sensible, given the world economic climate, and it addresses some of the major issues that we're facing as a country.

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11 May, 2012

Key Notes: Working on the Budget

This issue of Key Notes outlines some of our planning for Budget 2012, covers our new reforms to the welfare system, discusses spending for both tertiary education and our programme to reduce rheumatic fever in vulnerable communities - and touches on a few events from my diary.

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27 April, 2012

Key Notes: Progress towards our plan for a Brighter Future

In this edition of Key Notes, I talk about my recent visits to Indonesia and Singapore, the larger effort to promote NZ 'Inc' overseas, the upcoming budget as a reflection of our priorities, Anzac Day - and a few things from my diary.

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5 April, 2012

Key Notes: Special Edition on Youth Mental Health Package

Yesterday I delivered an important speech outlining a new approach we're taking to improve mental health services for young New Zealanders aged 12 to 19. I'm very passionate about youth mental health. The transition from childhood to adulthood can be difficult and there are some kids out there who struggle with mental health problems, like depression and anxiety, making this an even tougher time for them and their families.

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16 March, 2012

Special Key Notes on Better Public Services

In this issue of Key Notes, I share the basic outlines of what we're doing to improve public services. I also pay tribute to Jock Hobbs. It was with great sadness that I learnt Jock lost his long battle with leukaemia this week. We'll all miss him very much.

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24 February, 2012

Key Notes: Standing beside Cantabrians

In this edition of Key Notes, I talk about our commitment to Canterbury and the one-year anniversary of the February 2011 earthquake that devastated Christchurch.

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23 February, 2012

Focus on Finance - February

In this edition of Focus on Finance I talk about the Government's four main economic priorities, the Budget Policy Announcement, some good news about growth, the mixed ownership model and a few upcoming milestone economic events.

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10 February, 2012

Key Notes: Looking forward to the year ahead

In this edition of Key Notes I talk about our plans to strengthen the economy and the four priorities we've set to accomplish that.

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27 January, 2012

Key Notes: Outlining the Government’s priorities

In this edition of Key Notes, I outline the main features of the Government's priorities over the next few years.

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