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Neighbours Day Aotearoa (NDA) resources

Neighbours Day Aotearoa is ultimately a success because of Kiwis all over New Zealand who each year, make it a priority to meet those over the fence. To top it off, they have fun in the process and often start friendships that last throughout the year.

To join in the fun and to get planning download the following resources:


Neighbours Day Aotearoa resources

Become an NDA ambassador

NDA ambassadors are people who help us spread the word about NDA in their local communities.  Ambassadors are provided with extra support and resources and are an important force in growing the movement of neighbourliness throughout New Zealand. 

Click on the "Yes, I would like to become an ambassador" box above or contact for more information.

Partner organisations

NDA is supported and promoted by organisations throughout New Zealand.  In fact, such organisations have played a key role in the growth of NDA. 

If you are an organisation that is keen to jump on the bandwagon then download these resources:


Your School

Schools provide a fantastic opportunity to spread the NDA message. Children, afterall, often set an unparalleled example of how to connect with their neighbours. Download the teacher and student related resources below (courtesy of our friends at Back2Back).

School NDA Resources

Pro-bono support or product sponsorship

We have received generous pro-bono support and product sponsorship for NDA campaign delivery. We have resource packs that go out to hundreds of Kiwis all over New Zealand to encourage them to connect with their neighbours. There is an opportunity to partner with us and help us incentivise people signing on to the Neighbours Day campaign.


To talk with us about supporting the campaign through your skills and expertise or with product email

Getting your workplace involved

To date, many people in workplaces have supported and promoted NDA.  This has often involved encouraging staff and clients to join in and celebrate NDA in their own neighbourhoods.  Some have provided pro-bono promotion support for the campaign or product sponsorship.

If you have a business or work in a business that is keen to support NDA then be sure to download these resources:

NDA business tips