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Welcome to the Website of Balance NZ



Balance NZ is a charitable trust that makes a difference in the lives of those affected by mental health issues with a focus on mood disorders. If this is your first visit you may like to have a look through the menus to get a feel for what the site and the network can offer you.

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Balance would not survive without the generosity of its sponsors.
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Te Mahere Whakatika Oranga

THe internationally-respected Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) has been translated into Māori. Leading NZ recovery educators utilise WRAP as an important programme to assist the recovery journey of tangata whaiora. WRAP gives a practical and intuitive process by which to put recovery principles into practice.

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Bipolar Expedition

The Bipolar expedition is an exciting adventure to the poles of the earth that is aimed at raising money for research into Bipolar Disorder.

Mood Memos

Mood Memos has been launched at:

Mood Memos is a University of Melbourne study exploring a method of preventing depression through the internet. The study is targeted to people experiencing some depression symptoms who are not yet too severe, with the aim of averting depression or relapse.

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