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Frequently Asked Questions - Changing Sex / Gender Identity

Can I apply Online or use the Renewal application form?

No. As you are changing the details recorded in your passport – you are not eligible to apply Online or use the Adult Renewal form.

Once you have had your passport issued in your new sex / gender identity, then you will be eligible to use the Online and Adult Renewal processes in the future, as long as you are not changing any further details.


I still have validity remaining on my current passport. Can this be transferred to a new passport in my new sex / gender identity?

No. Full application fees are payable. The remaining validity may not be transferred to a new passport.


How long do I have to maintain my new sex / gender identity, to be eligible to apply for a passport in this gender?

There is no defined timeframe.


Does the processing timeframe change? Will it take longer to issue my passport?

No. Standard processing timeframes apply. When we have all the information we need and the correct payment, we will process you application within the following timeframes.

  • Standard Service - up to 10 working
  • Urgent Service – up to 3 working days


What do I need to do to change the sex / gender identity on other documents, e.g. driver license?

You will need to contact the relevant agency for advice on how to update their records.Who can witness and sign the Statutory Declaration?

The Statutory Declaration may be witnessed and signed by:

  • A Justice of the Peace
  • A member of Parliament
  • A lawyer
  • A registered Legal Executive (Fellow of NZILE)
  • A Government Officer authorised to take statutory declarations.

Government Officers are available to witness a Statutory Declaration at the following Department of Internal Affairs offices (link to office locations).

Government Officers are also available at our Sydney and London offices or at your nearest New Zealand Embassy or High Commission.