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Our Committee

GenderBridge is run by a committee of dedicated volunteers. We meet once a month to strategise and implement new ideas that will benefit our membership and the greater trans community. We work first and foremost for you, and we are committed to maintaining transparency and accountability within our organisation. Do you have an idea for an event, initiative, or campaign? Want to share some feedback on the way we're running things? We want to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Our Meetings

GenderBridge's Committee meets the fourth Tuesday of every month at 7pm. We welcome visitors to our committee meetings.

Meet Our Committee Members

We are proud of our diverse committee. Our membership represents a diverse group of trans people and their allies, and our committee members have been carefully chosen to reflect this dynamic within the trans community. You can get to know us better by reading about us below, or simply drop by one of our social meetings. We would love to chat with you.

  Joey Macdonald - Chairperson
Joey recently graduated from Otago University with a Masters in Sociology, Gender Studies and Social Work. He is currently employed at OUTLine NZ, and also works in the mental health sector, educating clinicians about gender and sexual diversity. Joey is passionate about difference, social justice, and the need for communities that foster relationships based on mutual respect, rather than (only) shared identities. He hopes to build upon the valuable contributions of the previous committee members, and in particular, to continue the excellent work of the previous Chairperson.
Hannah Rossiter - Vice-Chairperson

Ally Wilson - Secretary
Ally Wilson is a trans woman currently living in Mt Wellington, Auckland. She is an artist and animation student. She is fairly new to GenderBridge, and she hopes to reach out and help gender-diverse people in her capacity as a committee member.

Jessie MacKenzie - Treasurer

Tom Hamilton - Committee Member

Lexie Matheson - Committee Member
Lexie is a transwoman, an academic, a parent, a partner, a writer, a performing artist, an activist and a karate student. This is her first year with GenderBridge and she hopes to be able to contribute something worthwhile the a community that has supported, sustained and nurtured her growth over the past 12 years.