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Changing Your Passport

Information about Changing Sex / Gender Identity

Maintaining a different gender identity

A passport may now be issued in an applicant’s preferred sex / gender of M (male), F (female) or X (indeterminate/unspecified), without the need to amended these details on your birth or citizenship record.


What do I need to apply for a passport in my preferred sex / gender identity?

  • You will need to complete the New Adult application form
  • Complete a Statutory Declaration indicating
    • The sex / gender identity you wish to be displayed in your passport (M,F or X)
    • How long you have maintained your current sex / gender identity

Applicants must meet all other usual passport requirements.


Applicants under 18 years of Age

Applicants under 18 years of age will be required to provide the following additional information.

  • A Statutory Declaration from a parent or legal guardian which supports the change in sex / gender identity in their passport.
  • A Statutory Declaration from a registered counsellor / medical professional which supports this change.


Multiple Changes in Sex / Gender Identity

While this new policy was developed to remove unnecessary obstacles for applicants wanting to record a change in their gender identity, we would like applicants to note that multiple changes in gender identity are likely to have implications for a person at overseas border controls or may affect a person’s ability to confirm their identity in the wider community.

The Department recommends that prior to applying for a change in sex / gender details in your passport, that applicants carefully consider these implications.

Where there has been more than one change in gender identity, applicants are required to submit their previous passport with their passport application. This passport will be cancelled, defaced and returned to you.

The Department of Internal Affairs reserves the right to request the return of the passport or travel document at any time.


The gender details recorded on your New Zealand birth record

This new passport policy has no effect on the Births, Deaths and Marriages and Relationships Registration Act 1995 which allows for an adult or guardian of an eligible child to apply to the New Zealand Family Court for a declaration to have their birth record reflect their nominated gender.

See Births, Deaths and Marriages for further information about gender details recorded on your New Zealand birth record.


Changing the gender details recorded on your Citizenship Certificate

Only the passports policy has been reviewed. The new passports policy has no effect on the process for changing gender details recorded on a citizenship certificate or evidentiary certificate.

A citizenship certificate or evidentiary certificate may be issued with the sex field shown as different from the sex shown on the applicant's birth certificate if:

  • the applicant has provided a Family Court declaration, or
  • the applicant has provided a court order or other official documentation from another country recognising the gender identity they are currently maintaining, which is assessed as being suitable, or
  • the applicant is of indeterminate sex and wishes for their certificate to be issued showing either male or female sex, and
  • the applicant has changed his or her name by name change declaration, deed poll or similar instrument, to a name more suitable to a member of the nominated sex, or has a unisex name, and
  • the applicant lives as a member of the nominated sex and has produced a statutory declaration to this effect.

See New Zealand Citizenship policy for further information about gender details recorded on your New Zealand citizenship certificate.