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The Office of Film & Literature Classification is the Government body responsible for classifying films, games and other publications that may need to be restricted or banned in New Zealand.

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Search decisions and classifications

Do you want to know the New Zealand classification of a film, game or other publication? We have two databases you can search to find this information.

Find New Zealand film classifications

What do these classifications mean?

Information for
the public

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We have information for parents, teachers, librarians, lawyers and anyone else who has a question, complaint, or wants to know about New Zealand's classification system.

Read more information for members of the public

Information for

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This section of the website contains information about the classification system requirements and resources for DVD and game retailers, cinema operators and filmmakers

Read moreinformation for the industry

Information for

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If you are a New Zealand Customs Officer, member of the New Zealand Police or work for the Courts you will find information about the classification system related to your work in this section of our website.

Read more information for officials

Website for
NCEA students Link to our website for NCEA students (opens in a new window)

Image of the homepage of our website for NCEA students

The Classification Office has created a specialised website full of useful information and case studies for NCEA students studying the classification system.

Read more information for students on the our student website (opens in a new window)

Featured Info

Produced by the Classification Office and Scott Thompson Media. Voice-over credit: Jean Sergent

Red Means Restricted

This ad is currently screening in cinemas and is part of our campaign to let people know that it is illegal to supply restricted films and games to underage people.

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