Increasingly, New Zealand and the world's cultural heritage is being created and stored in digital form. Institutions are being challenged to preserve and provide long-term access to digital heritage collections under their guardianship.

The National Digital Heritage Archive (NDHA) is the National Library of New Zealand's technical and business solution to this challenge.

The NDHA Programme pioneered the development of the NDHA in partnership with the Ex Libris Group and Sun Microsystems.

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What is the NDHA?

The NDHA refers to the technology, new business processes and other organisational changes the National Library has put in place to provide ongoing preservation of and access to and preservation of digital heritage collections under the guardianship of the National Library and Alexander Turnbull Library.

At its core, the NDHA is a system of software applications that support a digital storehouse for the websites, sound and vision files, digital images and other born-digital and digitised items that make up the Library's growing digital heritage collections.

The NDHA uses a standards-based, commercial digital preservation system developed in partnership with Ex Libris Group, a library management systems vendor, and Sun Microsystems, a provider of open network computing systems to develop the NDHA. The hardware and software are designed to be scalable over time as the digital collections grow.

The NDHA also includes applications such as INDIGO and the Web Curator Tool that integrate the NDHA's digital preservation system with the National Library's collection management systems and access products such as Papers Past, National Library Beta and Matapihi.

Developed by the NDHA Programme, the intention is to make these digital library tools such as INDIGO and the Web Curator Tool available to other institutions via open source.

More about the Web Curator Tool

Supporting the NDHA are new business practices, preservation planning, digital preservation expertise, technical support and the NDHA Business Unit.

What does the NDHA mean for library users?

The NDHA ensures that, despite technical obsolescence, the National Library's digital heritage collections will be preserved for researchers, students and library users now and in the future.

In turn, the National Library will be able to facilitate a much more proactive programme of collecting both published and unpublished born-digital heritage collection material, increasing both the volume and 'breadth' of collecting in this area.

When a researcher or a school student accesses a digital collection using Papers Past, National Library Beta or Matapihi, they can be assured of the integrity of the items they access because they are stored and their long-term preservation is managed by the NDHA.

When a publisher is ready to fulfil their Legal Deposit responsibilities, they can deposit their electronic publication with the National Library using the NDHA's Web Deposit Tool.

Creators of digital content can also put forward their work for inclusion in our digital heritage collections using the Web Deposit Tool. If accepted into the collections, donors and publishers alike can be assured that their work is preserved.

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