The Library has developed the Digitisation Strategy 2010-2015 to bridge the gap between the level of access to its print and analogue collections, and the new expectations of customer access in the digital world. It explains how our digitisation programmes will satisfy the needs of current and future users.

The strategy outlines three major digitisation programmes within the Library:

  • Digitisation for access will concentrate on providing remote access to New Zealand’s documentary heritage and taonga collections in a digital world.
  • Digitisation for preservation will focus on using digitisation to meet preservation goals, and particularly to migrating the intellectual content of at-risk collection items when the physical object is deteriorating.
  • Digitisation for customers and donors will continue its practice of digitising materials for customers and donors upon request.

When this strategy is implemented the Library will hold a digital duplicate of many of its heritage items. These will be easily accessible for all to view, allowing original items to be safely stored. This will support the Library’s role of maintaining and preserving the original collections for future generations, and customers, both here and overseas, will be able to search and use the Library’s collections in many new ways.

Download the Digitisation Strategy 2010-2015