Te Puna is a collection of online tools and services created with the help of New Zealand librarians to support daily tasks of searching, cataloguing, sharing resources, and managing collections.

Te Puna Services are available only to member libraries, and are delivered by the National Library with the aim of saving time, money, and effort.

These services are built around the New Zealand National Union Catalogue (NUC), a collaboration between New Zealand libraries and the National Library.

More about Te Puna Services and how to become a member


Tools and information for describing items in your library's collection or updating existing bibliographic or holdings records in the National Union Catalogue.

ConnectInterlibrary loan management

Tools and information for sharing items between libraries.


Te Puna Search gives you access to a wide range of databases.


Bibliographic and holdings records are shared between member libraries, the National Union Catalogue and WorldCat. Files of recent updates to the NUC, including MARC records, are available here.


Te Puna Membership

New Zealand library resources are visible, usable, and attractive to New Zealanders and the rest of the world.


Maximising Te Puna Value

Maximising Te Puna Value (MTPV) is a two-year programme of work that will further improve Te Puna services.