At the National Library we are responsible for the care and preservation of many of New Zealand’s most important books, archives, photographs, sound recordings and art works. There are many things that can be done to preserve your own precious items.

National Preservation Office

We can help you to care for your own collections, whether they are kept in your home or a marae, library, museum or archive. Our National Preservation Office was established to provide advice and assistance to those who hold heritage items of significance to all New Zealanders.

Email the NPO:

Postal address: National Preservation Office, National Library of New Zealand, PO Box 12349, Wellington 6144


Arrange a workshop with the National Preservation Office, based on the needs of your organisation.

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Getting started with the New Zealand Conservators of Cultural Materials

Before you get started on a conservation project, we recommend visiting the NZCCM, which sets ethical and professional guidelines for conservators. They also provide a directory of professional conservators around the country, listed by location and area of specialisation.

Visit the NZCCM site



Family Collections

Family collections often consist of precious but fragile items: letters, newspaper collections, certificates and scrapbooks. This guide gives advice on protecting these collections.



A guide to handling, storing, and displaying photographs safely to ensure they last as long as possible.