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Author Topic: Hip hop collective to spew homophobia at BDO  (Read 1710 times)

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Hip hop collective to spew homophobia at BDO
« on: 30 Sep 11, 01:06:am »
A much-hyped and much-defended California hip hop collective is bringing its bagful of homophobic, misogynistic and violent lyrics to the January Big Day Out, led by a frontman who says he is not homophobic but uses the word faggot because it "hits and hurts people".

The lyrics spewed out by Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All (known as OFWGKTA or just Odd Future) at Mt Smart Stadium are likely to include the word faggot, which occurs at least ten times in their album Goblin. One song features the line “Come take a stab at it faggot, I pre-ordered your casket”.

The group has been denounced by GLAAD, whose Associate Director of Entertainment Media Matt Kane says frontman Tyler the Creator “writes some of the most violently anti-gay and misogynistic music currently enjoying mainstream recognition”.

Kane has called on the media and music critics to think harder, saying they have often defended Tyler and Odd Future by implying such language is simply part of their musical persona and should be seen as ironic.

“What's really ironic is that in a time when the public is becoming more supportive of LGBT people and other major artists are showing their support through their music, Tyler and Odd Future are padding their lyrics with anti-gay slurs and dangerous, violent rhetoric,” Kane says.

“But there is nothing ironically clever about hate speech, particularly when a significant part of those listening are adolescents seeking to emulate their favourite artists.  It's simply irresponsible and destructive.”

Perez Hilton and musician B.O.B. are among those who have slammed the group, the latter himself being targeted with the line "I'll crash that fuckin airplane that that faggot nigga Bob was in." B.O.B. has written his own song in response entitled “No Future”.

When questioned by NME about criticism of the homophobia in their music, Tyler responded:

“I’m not homophobic. I just think 'faggot' hits and hurts people. It hits. And ‘gay’ just means you’re stupid. I don't know, we don’t think about it, we're just kids. We don’t think about that shit.

Tyler was also taken to task by Sara Quin, one half of Canadian lesbian alternative pop duo Tegan and Sara, who has blogged: "While an artist who can barely get a sentence fragment out without using homophobic slurs is celebrated on the cover of every magazine, blog and newspaper, I'm disheartened that any self-respecting human being could stand in support with a message so vile."

She continued: “As journalists and colleagues defend, excuse and congratulate 'Tyler, The Creator', I find it impossible not to comment. In any other industry would I be expected to tolerate, overlook and find deeper meaning in this kid's sickening rhetoric? Why should I care about this music or its 'brilliance' when the message is so repulsive and irresponsible?

"Is Tyler exempt because people are afraid of a backlash? The inevitable claim that detractors are being racist, or the brush-off that not 'getting it' would indicate that you’re 'old' (or a faggot?) Because, the more I think about it, the more I think people don't actually want to go up against this particular bully because he's popular."

Tyler’s response was through Twitter: "If Tegan and Sara Need Some Hard Dick, Hit Me Up!"

There are also plenty of non-hateful musicians in the Big Day Out line-up and we will have full details soon. The Big Day has brought many queer and queer-friendly artists to Australia and New Zealand throughout its history and in 2009 revoked its invitation to anti-gay Jamaican reggae artist Beenie Man after public outcry.

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Re: Hip hop collective to spew homophobia at BDO
« Reply #1 on: 30 Sep 11, 05:54:pm »

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Re: Hip hop collective to spew homophobia at BDO
« Reply #2 on: 03 Oct 11, 03:17:pm »
So... Beanie man was stopped - can't these scum-rats be stopped too?
Think.  Please, for once in your life, think.

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Re: Hip hop collective to spew homophobia at BDO
« Reply #3 on: 03 Oct 11, 09:01:pm »
For Beanie Man two things happened. A Facebook page was set up protesting about him being on the BDO list. And gay friends of the organiser got on his case about the hateful things Beanie Man said.

I don't know much about this crowd but if they're homophobic, yeah send them back.  Mind you, from what I've seen on BDO 2012 I don't know if I can be bothered. It looks too lame. I wouldn't cross the road to hear the current line-up let alone fly in to Auckland.

I like Beast Wars but I'll catch them another time.

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Re: Hip hop collective to spew homophobia at BDO
« Reply #4 on: 05 Oct 11, 02:12:pm »
The promoter of Auckland's Big Day Out concedes Californian hip hop group Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All is provocative, but says it's not up to him to censor acts.

The group known as Odd Future is among those who will perform at the annual music festival at Mt Smart Stadium in January.

Lauded by critics and picking up a cult following across the globe, the collective are seen as the future of music by some, while others despise them for their homophobic and misogynistic lyrics which discuss sexual violence against women and include constant use of the word 'faggot'.

Big Day Out promoter Campbell Smith recently told Newstalk ZB's Danny Watson the group definitely has "interesting" things to say and is a provocative act.

"I don't really think it's my place or our place to tell people who they can and can't see. We try to present a broad show across all genres. They're certainly a talented act that a lot of people are interested in and want to see," Smith said.

"Tyler The Creator, the leader of that collective, is on record as saying this is the life that he's lived, he's singing about his life and what he's experienced."

Smith says the group known more simply as Odd Future has been doing the Europe, UK and US festival circuit all through this year.

It's a very different tune to the response to a planned Big Day Out appearance by Jamaican reggae artist Beenie Man, who was pulled from the 2009 line-up after public outcry at his homophobic and hateful lyrics.

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Re: Hip hop collective to spew homophobia at BDO
« Reply #5 on: 05 Oct 11, 02:13:pm »
Are the Big Day Out bound group known as "Odd Future" a collective of groundbreaking hip hop geniuses, or a bunch of arrogant, homophobic and women hating youngsters? There are two clear camps on this group, so we've put together a selection of their lyrics and a snapshot of their music so you can decide for yourself which camp you want to join.

Orange Juice
So I'm guessin' there's questions that need adressin' huh?
Like how we fresh in our adolescence and wreckin' em.
Hear new tracks, he destined to make a mess of em,
Snappin' necks and records in matter of seconds check em son.
Lost an erection and found it in an aggressive nun.
Fuckin' chin-checkin punks 'til he's out of breath and done,
No affection, he's doper than cess sessions son
Chillin' for a while on a pile of the rest of em.
Let the crowd choose who can fuckin' last longer,
it's the rap monger, rap monster Earl Sweat attack, conquer.
Lose least, niggas lost like the last blanca chica that we picked up at the last concert,
Please, get out ya seat, get out ya seat, verses written with scalpels,
he's the junior king standin' out shoutin' on the balcony,
How come he's not in counseling? Fucker's loud while he's sound asleep
Heard he was dope as Sour D. Nigga was courage cowardly?
State Gold, alchemy, nigga we rap's Alpha Team,
Mr. Teen and Mr. T with a mouth full of powder and a nose full of chowder,
he's chopping up all the doubters, see now watch him count the bodies like bitches be countin' calories
Fuck with the wolves we startin' to bark viciously,
Catch us in a pile of bodies where dead bitches be,
Box logo hoodies and goodies from buddies that understand that bastard was buzzin like Woody so we get it for free.
Had to duct tape the mother goose the mask was off,
I stumbled down a hill then I had Jill jack me off,
Harder than my dick when Taylor Swift is in my basement,
Cause I've been doin' this since proof fucked Christopher Robinson.
Wolf Gang knitted on my cotton like some smelly, dirty, rotten nigger picked it from a cotton gin.
Do not give a fuck I've got the swagger of a virgin's dick,
but if I did it would be bigger than Earl's upper lip,
Sip sizzurp, Su-preme on my shizzirt,
I munch a bunch of tacos with Waverly's favorite wizard,
The favorite nigger turned into Freddy Kruger,
And this that raw shit, dead bodies chopped up in the sewer.
From the palms of Jeffrey Dahmer, baby mamas said the kicks,
Beat like the brown lip balm that was made for Rihanna,
All you fuckin' bloggin' faggots yappin' up that extra shit,
I'll shove Bastard down your throat, regurgitate my excrement,
Them two dope boys is fairies they're Peter like boysenberries,
Meet the scary, turn his white ass to a Jim Carry twin,
A fuckin' sausage fest will them shaky niggas get married then,
two dope boys don't want beef, they're just overweight vegitarians

Sweatshirt, Domo Genesis, throwing chairs, killing shit
I'm half privileged, think white and have nigger lips
A tad different, mad smart, act ignorant
Shit, I'll pass the class when my dad starts giving shits
But as long as our relationship is turdless
I'mma keep burning rubber and fucking these beats with burnt dick
Who that? Oh, that new coon John Cusack
A Mecca button-up, shoutin' bring Fubu back
Hands full of coke, mouth full of crack mu-zack
Odd Future on the doo-rag, guess who's back?
With no hint, we're egging with no tint
Plus there's a shotgun under the seat where your ho sits, uh
The Night Striker, I'm riding her, up-tying her
There's nine Vicodins stuck inside of the windpipes of her
A little bit of sherm sure provokes the fucking fight in her
She started biting cause I'm giving cock like it's advice to her
Take that, I'm on top like wave caps
This is grade-A rap, Domo bring that bass back, nigga

Swag Me Out
[Verse 1: Jasper]
Chillin' in class with a bag full of grass
Lookin' for a white chick to smoke up and choke up
I even got that white sniff come over here and take a whiff
Now you ready to get raped and ate by Mr. Haley
Litter Life is the gang, it's that shit that we bang
Let's play an Odd game, it's called bitch you better run
When those Odd Wolves come out
And chew you up bitch like bubble gum
Jasper's off climbin' trees with that nazist you see
Never met a nigga like me because I'm an Oddsby
Opposite of them Cosby kids
Got that Virginia Tech swag, shoot up your school and laugh, bitch

Swag me out bitch
Wolf Gang!

[Verse 2: Left Brain]
Uh, Left Brain
Swag, me, the fuck, out
'fore you get punched in your fuckin' mouth
I'mma take your bitch back to my crib
You already know my dick is gon' be in ribs
Yeah, and I like barbecue
Fuckin' with me, I'm fuckin' with you
Uh, Wolf Gang, that's the fuckin' clique
If you got a problem bitch hop on this dick
Nigga I don't want you here
So get the fuck out 'fore shoot you like a deer
Swag me out, swag me out
I don't give a fuck, swag me out
Oh oh, where the fuckin' hoes?
Hoes hoes, where the fuckin' hoes?
Hoes hoes, where the fuckin' hoes?
Where the hoes?

[Verse 3: Tyler the Creator]
You faggots yap about tokin' kush
While I deal with drug dealers and they killed a whole bush
George inside the storage if you wanna take a look
But keep your motherfuckin' daughter's mouth shushed boy
Lookin' for them white sluts who good at suckin' cat
Wolf dick black as nigga riders from the fat black bitches
Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All don't give a fuck
Loiter Squad, you know where the fuck we at
Earl and Berman swervin' in the Jeep
Me and Travis in the back squirtin' Jergins on our feet
What is that? Not a penis
What the fuck is extra meat? I don't know, ask Asia
Two nazi dykes shittin' in a Synagogue
Cause that bitch lick balls from Western to Crenshaw
And her grandma suck dick down in Rimpau
And she masturbates with Vaseline and a Ken doll


[Verse 4: Hodgy Beats]
We cool like the breeze at the fuckin' beach
They told me to write a flow, I wrote a fuckin' speech
Odd Future Wolf Gang rolls fuckin' deep
Taylor Swift come around, we go fuckin' deep
She's our slut for weeks and she wash our sheets
Brush our teeth but don't make our beats
Tyler got the waffles, Devon covers bacon
2DopeBoyz got the beef, we serve filet mignon shakin'
Sour D's got me touchin' the moon
Rollin' up blunts the size of a fuckin' cocoon
Wolves roll together like some family raccoons
Tellin' you to eat an ass like a fuckin' baboon


[Verse 5: Earl Sweatshirt]
Swag me out, swag me out, Jasper get them faggots out
Snortin' coke, got the Pope yellin' who let the rabbits out
Kissin' whores and kissin' bunnies, put this horse dick in your tummy
I am on this track because that nigga Taco isn't funny
(Me and Jesus in the Humvee, Ace and Mary gettin' comfy
Jeffrey Dahmer's in the bushes with R. Kelly tryna fuck me
Steve Harvey, Kenan Thompson's plottin' how to jump me
Well fuck Steve Harvey and free Max B
Fuckin' Waterham, Hodgy's ass eat skills help eat all the Jam
Damn I'm like marmalam marmalade

[Verse 6: Mike G]
Yo motherfuck 'em if they haters, bet I'll rain on their parade
I'm that ignorant motherfucker who took your daughter on a date
Dare her to answer the phone if you call her cause she's late
Black kid on the corner sellin' drugs go figure
Syd tha Kyd, what the fuck we doin'? (Flippin' bricks nigga!)

[Verse 7: Taco]
Fuck you listenin' to this Wolf Gang reserve
Drivin' with your bitch swagged Jasper
Don't give a fuck stealin' your fuckin' purse
All I do is laugh first yeah nigga
Swag me the fuck out, Loiter Squad Bacon Boys
Nigga we take your girl, rape her in the back
Of the fuckin' Jeep, we're off squirtin' feet
We're Jurgens nigga, ultra healin'

[Verse 8: Jasper]
Yeah we're swervin' in the Jeep, while I'm rollin' up the tree
Litter Life don't give a fuck, that's why we fuckin' up the trees
Wolf bandit and land it you niggas can't stand it
Chop a bitches head off and get a pleasant nut off, bitch

Swag Me Out OFWGKTA Small | Large

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Re: Hip hop collective to spew homophobia at BDO
« Reply #6 on: 05 Oct 11, 04:55:pm »
Um.  Wow.  I get the impression these... creatures of questionable genetics get stoned then record what comes out?

It's that old thing of 'they're either utterly brilliant' or 'so banal and stupid that they defy any respect'

I'm going with the latter.

Lame response from BDO.
Think.  Please, for once in your life, think.

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Re: Hip hop collective to spew homophobia at BDO
« Reply #7 on: 05 Oct 11, 05:30:pm »
this might be slight off-topic (or side-topic)
but for people who want a little bit more knowledge on rap lyrics (because they're endlessly referential), they should check out
it has lots of rap song lyrics and by clicking on sections of the songs, you can get details on the rhymes
for example when Notorious B.I.G. rhymes
"You look so good huh, I suck on your daddy's dick"
he is referencing a Richard Pryor comedy skit
fascinating huh?

there's also information on these lesser rappers' rhymes reproduced above
B3 g k+ m q r- s+ t

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Re: Hip hop collective to spew homophobia at BDO
« Reply #8 on: 05 Oct 11, 07:07:pm »
So I was listening to bFM the other day (someone has to) and they were playing the most amazing hip hop track I've heard in ages. I'm not a huge hip hop fan, but I was really getting into the dope beats on this track. So much so, I'd already thought about buying the album and was really eager to find out who I'd been listening to. Of course, the host soon informed me that I'd been rocking out to the music of Tyler The Creator.

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Re: Hip hop collective to spew homophobia at BDO
« Reply #9 on: 05 Oct 11, 10:12:pm »
I wonder if Campbell Smith would be so quick to say he's not out to censor anyone if a performer sang anti-semitic or racist songs? Or is he just another homophobe who doesn't care who he tramples on if he is making money out of it. What a douche bag!

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Re: Hip hop collective to spew homophobia at BDO
« Reply #10 on: 19 Oct 11, 07:33:pm »
Sent today:

Subject: Hate groups at the Big Day Out

I understand that the group Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All (Odd Future) is to perform at the Big Day Out, despite the fact their songs contain extremely homophobic, misogynistic and hateful lyrics.  It is through lyrics used by Odd Future that “Whole cultures may be induced, invited, or permitted to hate people or ideas they fear, or who are perceived as threats to their dearly held values” (Whillock & Slayden,1995: x).

I would have thought that you had learned what happens through that sort of music after the Beanie Man controversy, but it appears you have not.

Gordon Allport (1958) examines the ideas behind prejudice and hatred, how these affect people, and how hate speech eventually leads to violence through a five point scale: antilocution (the open expression of antagonism), avoidance (of members of the disliked group), discrimination, physical attack, and extermination.

Daniel Goldhagen (1996) discussed the three dimensions of anti-Semitism (source of malefic qualities, latent-manifest preoccupation, and putative perniciousness).  Although Goldhagen (1996: 35-36) discusses anti-Semitism, the same can be said can also be said about homophobia:
It is his [sexual orientation], his [identification], or his [sexual behaviour].
These same three dimensions: source, latent-manifest, and perniciousness can be seen to exist in homophobia.

Both Allport’s (1958) scale or action, and Goldhagen’s (1996) three dimensions can be applied to other forms of hatred, and could also be seen to increase if the lyrics used by Odd Future against specific groups were to be allowed at Big Day Out. 

Herek and Berrill (1992) indicate that the effects of hate speech on a person’s self-esteem and the stigmatisation imposed cannot be ignored. It has been shown in numerous studies that stigmatisation of a group and a lack of self esteem can lead to suicide (Clayton, 1997; Fergusson, Horwood, Ridder & Beautrais, 2005: 979; Petrie and Brook, 1992; Rosenhan and Seligman, 1985: 342-343). The effects of these lyrics on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender emerging youth could be enormous, stigmatising them, resulting in low self-esteem, and possible subsequent consequences, such as suicide, and personal verbal and physical attacks. All these are certainly injurious to the public good.  Furthermore, stigmatised groups are less likely to retain safe choices in regards to a variety of factors, including safer sex

In terms of societal hatred, Greg Herek (2004: 14) points out that “First, hostility exists in the form of shared knowledge that is embodied in cultural ideologies that define sexuality, demarcate social groupings based on it, and assign value to those groups and their members. Second, these ideologies are expressed through society’s structure, institutions, and power relations. Third, individuals internalize these ideologies and, through their attitudes and actions, express, reinforce, and challenge them”.

This is not a new idea, but also dates back to Allport (1958: 152), who stated that minority members develop coping methods to deal with stigma directed at them, including “intrapunitive” measures, directed inwards: “one’s sense of shame for possessing the despised qualities of one’s group” as well as “repugnance for other members of one’s group because they ‘possess’ these qualities”.   

This internalisation of hatred and stigmatisation affects people in various ways.  Self esteem suffers under such an assault, and is often deemed necessary for ensuring that safe sexual decisions are made.  However, NZ research seems to controvert this – self esteem levels in themselves are not indicators of safe sexual decisions (McGee & Williams, 2000).  It appears that levels of stigma seems to have more effect than self esteem on decisions about safer sex decisions (Bruce, Ramirez-Valles, & Campbell, 2008; Preston D’Augelli, Kassab, Cain, Schultze, & Starks, 2004; Preston, D’Augelli, Kassab, & Starks, 2007).  If these decisions are compromised, unsafe sex may be practiced, leading to infection with an STI, such as gonorrhoea, chlamydia or HIV.  It is thus important to address stigmatisation of GLBT people and other minority groups.

People like Beanie Man and groups like Odd Future that promote hatred and discrimination against groups encourage violence against those groups.  If it is acceptable to say something similar to “Gays are a cancer on society that deserves to be eliminated?”, then what group would be next?

Therefore, by allowing Odd Future to play at BDO, you are proving that you have little concern for the lives and welfare of LGBT people, that you are willing to endanger their lives, and seek to encourage stigmatisation against them.  I find this disappointing in an organisation that could do so much to enhance the self esteem of youth, reduce stigma, and discourage violence.  Over the last year we have heard of a number of LGBT youth who have committed suicide due to bullying tactics that are endorsed by music that belittles LGBT people, such as that played by Odd Future.  Lyrics such as those played by Odd Future increase the societal discourse against LGBT people, a discourse that encourages bullying and violence.

Just as there are precedents for not allowing Beanie Man into New Zealand, I believe those same precedents apply in this case.

I therefore encourage you to reverse your decision to allow Odd Future to play at BDO, and thus prove that you do care about all members of society.

I look forward to your reply.

Dr Calum Bennachie

CC:    Chair, Chair - Parks and Heritage Committee, Auckland Regional Council (Sandra Coney)
    Minister of Immigration (Jonathan Coleman)
    Peter Tatchell


Allport, G.W., (1958). The Nature of Prejudice. Garden City, NY: Doubleday Anchor Books.

Bennachie, C., (2009).  Controlling Anti-gay Hate Speech in New Zealand: The Living Word Case from beginning to end.  A thesis submitted to the Victoria University of Wellington in fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Education.

Bruce, D., Ramirez-Valles, J., & Campbell, R., (2008).  Stigmatization, substance use, and sexual risk behaviour among Latino gay and bisexual men and transgender persons, Journal of Drug Issues, 22, pp 235-260.

Clayton, S., (1997). The Big Picture. Campaign, no. 257, August 1997.

Fergusson, D.M., Horwood, L.J., Ridder, E.M., & Beautrais, A.L., (2005). Sexual Orientation and mental health in a birth cohort of young adults. Psychological Medicine, 35, pp 971-981.

Goldhagen, D.J., (1996). Hitler’s Willing Executioners: Ordinary Germans and the Holocaust. London: Little, Brown and Company.

Herek, G.M., (1992). Psychological Heterosexism and Anti-Gay Violence: The Social Psychology of Bigotry and Bashing; in, Herek, G.M. and Berrill, K.T., (Eds.), Hate Crimes: Confronting Violence Against Lesbians and Gay Men, pp 149-169. Newbury Park, CA: Sage.

Herek, G.M., (2004). Beyond “Homophobia”: Thinking About Sexual Prejudice and Stigma in the Twenty-First Century. Sexuality, Research and Social Policy, vol 1, no 2, pp 6-24.

McGee, R., & Williams, S., (2000).  Does low self-esteem predict health compromising behaviours among adolescents?  Journal of Adolescence, 23: 569-582.

Petrie, K., & Brook, R., (1992). Sense of Coherence, self esteem, and hopelessness as correlates of reattempting suicide. British Journal of Clinical Psychology, vol. 31, pp 293-300.

Preston, D.B., D’Augelli, A.R., Kassab, C.D., & Starks, M.T., (2007).  The relationship of stigma to the sexual health of rural men who have sex with men, AIDS Education and Prevention, 19(3): 218-230.

Preston, D.B., D’Augelli, A.R., Kassab, C.D., Cain, R.E., Schultze, F.W., & Starks, M.T., (2004).  The influence of stigma on the sexual risk behaviour of rural men who have sex with men.  AIDS Education and Prevention, 16(9), 291-303.

Rosenhan, D.L., & Seligman, M.E.P., (1989). Abnormal Psychology (2nd ed.). New York, NY: W.W. Norton & Co.

Whillock, R., & Slayden, D., (Eds.), (1995). Hate Speech. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.

NZAF - the only organisation to award someone for sleeping through Board meetings and opposing their mission.

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Re: Hip hop collective to spew homophobia at BDO
« Reply #11 on: 20 Oct 11, 12:50:am »
Howdy. I don't really like the idea of them performing at BDO either.

Those lyrics are full of widespread hate against all kinds of people and sure they won some major awards recently, but there is singing/writing about what you have experienced and then there is just spouting offensive drivel for the sake of it. I feel like it's the latter sadly, but then again, I wouldn't go to BDO anyway since they are willing to invite acts like that.
"Live your dreams! Except for that one about being eaten by a giant spider" ~ Anonymous

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Re: Hip hop collective to spew homophobia at BDO
« Reply #12 on: 01 Nov 11, 12:53:pm »
I got a reply back last night - not from the organisers of BDO - and it seems that Odd Future will no longer be among the line up to perform at BDO.

NZAF - the only organisation to award someone for sleeping through Board meetings and opposing their mission.

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Re: Hip hop collective to spew homophobia at BDO
« Reply #13 on: 01 Nov 11, 01:25:pm »
oh wow...
calum_v2, i love your style. a smart approach, i feel, and effective. and i love your cc list. yay for you.
...out of curiosity, who replied / made the call?

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Re: Hip hop collective to spew homophobia at BDO
« Reply #14 on: 01 Nov 11, 02:10:pm »
calum_v2  You're my Hero.  I enjoyed reading your thesis too - very educational - thank you.

So, I'm intrigued... who and how were they pulled? 
Think.  Please, for once in your life, think.