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Tuesday 10 April 2012

 Andy's journey to Mr Gay World
Posted in: Hall of Fame  9th April 2012
Our very own 'big man with a big heart' and Mr Gay NZ Andreas 'Andy' Derleth has won Mr Gay World! Here's a picture gallery of his journey to the title in South Africa so you can bask in his glory (and his beauty ...)

 What's behind the newly invigorated NZAF?
Posted in: Health & HIV, Features  9th April 2012
The NZAF appears well on the road to recovery. At least the rampant public criticism has waned. What is behind this remarkable turnaround? Leadership and focus, says its boss.

 Wedding Belles: Who, what, where, when & why?
Posted in: Civil Unions  8th April 2012 writer Jacqui Stanford is planning her civil union and is taking readers along for the ride. In the first edition, she answers the crunch questions.

 Our shocking history
Posted in: People  6th April 2012
After ten years of fighting, a Christchurch lesbian has finally received an apology for the more than 200 bouts of electroconvulsive therapy she was given in Princess Margaret Hospital.

 A big man with a big heart
Posted in: Events  5th April 2012
Mr Gay NZ 2011 and the event's Producer Aaron Comis tells us more about the Mr Gay World competition, in which Andreas Derleth is representing us in South Africa this week.

 Charter schools: Not in our youth's interest?
Posted in: Comment  5th April 2012
The Post-Primary Teachers Association and NZ Education Institute are strongly opposed to them and view them as a dangerous experiment which has failed overseas. But what are 'charter schools?'

 DVD review: Beginners
Posted in: Movies  2nd April 2012
This gentle film centred on a relationship between a father who comes out and his bewilderedly proud son, may be a little slow for some, but for others it will quickly become a favourite.

Posted in: Blogger Zone, Features  31st March 2012
"I can't think of a medical condition that carries the same level of stigma and fear. Even today. Even from people you'd think would know better, like health professionals, or gay men."

 Editorial: The sad conflict over Carmen's legacy
Posted in: Community  29th March 2012
Punch and counter-punch, allegations and denials, personalities and factions, agendas and anger... all are playing out in the wake of Carmen Rupe's death.

 UK: Hatemongers mobilise against same-sex marriage
Posted in: Comment  29th March 2012
The UK Christian Right has started to mobilise against preliminary investigation of the case for same-sex marriage proper.

 Manly Affections
Posted in: Books  28th March 2012
Small-town Wairarapa in the late 1800s might be the last place you’d expect to find a hotbed of manly affection, but through the lens of gay photographer Robert Gant, Mates & Lovers author Chris Brickell has been able to delve into the intimacy that existed.

 Mr Gay NZ 2012 Andreas Derleth
Posted in: Hall of Fame  26th March 2012
Andreas Derleth will next month represent his adopted home of New Zealand at the Mr Gay World competition in South Africa. We get to know him a little better.

 Confucianism and Homosexuality
Posted in: Comment  24th March 2012
It has often been said that contemporary China is governed by 'Neo-Confucianism", rather than communism. What is Confucianism, and how does it affect the lives of LGBT/tongzhi Chinese citizens?

 Growing old disgracefully
Posted in: Blogger Zone, Features  24th March 2012
"We talk about 'the gay community' a lot, but one thing about successful communities is they have links over generations ..."

 Obituary: Remembering The Reverend David Clark
Posted in: Hall of Fame  22nd March 2012
David Clark struggled with the disapproval of the Presbyterian Church he loved, but his strength and character were an inspiration to countless others.